How to Get Rich With Bitcoin - The 10x10x10 Plan

Secure your financial future by quietly and consistently saving Bitcoin money

How to Get Rich With Bitcoin - The 10x10x10 Plan

"You're the second richest guy in the world. Your investment thesis is so simple. Why don't more people just copy you?" asked Jeff Bezos.

“Nobody wants to get rich slow” replied Warren Buffett.

It well illustrates the world we live in, everyone wants to be rich. But they want it now, thus they completely screw things up when making financial decisions.

Today its easier than ever to Get Rich Slow - with Bitcoin. But you’ve got to have a system, you’ve got to have discipline, and you’ve got to have the right mindset.

The Bitcoin Wealth System - Invest 10% of Your Income

Everyone today has to earn money - most do it with some sort of employment, or they run a small business.

This is the first pillar of the 10x10x10 system. Take 10% of your net earnings, and buy Bitcoin every time you get paid. Every payday.

Zero exceptions. Zero deviation. Zero rationalization.

Zero thought about doing anything else with that first 10% of your pay.

If that stretches you too much, get a side hustle. Get a second job. Sell something you don’t need any more on payday worth that first 10%. This principle is lifted from the famous book “The Richest Man in Babylon” which advises:

“A part of all you earn is yours to keep”

For decades, this worked quite well, if you were saving and a stable unit - like Gold.

But in the last century, people have been forced to speculate in stocks, real estate, and other investments to maintain the value of their money.

But with a sound money with a fixed supply, saving will roar back into the consciousness of humanity via Bitcoin.

Step 2- Continue Investing 10% for 10 Years

The next step in the 10x10x10 system is to keep on investing year in and year out for a decade - in Bitcoin.

Yes, this is boring. You do the same damn thing for the next ten years. Remember, you just signed up for a marathon - not some Sunday Fun Run at the park.

Zero exceptions. Zero deviation. Zero rationalization.

This is how people get rich in any business venture. They don’t stop. They never quit. Ever.

The second you quit - you lose…and losing in Bitcoin will cause you more pain and regret than you can ever imagine.

Work on your mindset today, be ready to endure, it’s the only way to get rich slowly.

The Final Step - 10 Years of Waiting

Once you’ve saved for 10 years, you can let off the gas…a bit.

You’ll have built a nice, fat stack of Bitcoin if you save 10% for ten years. Now it’s time to let Bitcoin do the work. You can stop contributing to your stack, but you must HOLD your Bitcoin for another decade and allow the rest of the world to catch up with you.

The transfer of wealth from fiat to Bitcoin will take a generation or two, but you will have a massive head start by accumulating your Bitcoins early.

Sit Tight, Be Right as Jesse Livermore advised.

Get Started Today on the 10x10x10 Bitcoin Wealth Plan - Your Future Self Will Thank You

Trading is a fool’s errand; you have to make correct decisions day-in and day-out.

You only have to make one decision when you dollar cost average in over a decade. Get started, and get rich…