Gen X's Secret Weapon: Catch-Up Contributions and Bitcoin Saving for Accelerated Wealth Accumulation

Have you created a Bitcoin plan?

Gen X's Secret Weapon: Catch-Up Contributions and Bitcoin Saving for Accelerated Wealth Accumulation

“Well, you don’t want to be eating dog food when you get old, now do you?”

My father’s words hit me pretty hard…were some poor old folks actually surviving on dog food?

I had just asked why we had to go to the bank, again.

Growing up in the 80s, it seemed like we spent way too much time going to the bank.

There were certainly better things to do in my opinion. But Dad had just informed me he needed to make a deposit into his savings account, as one of his side-hustles had delivered him a check. So we headed to the bank, as he continued his lecture about saving money…

His words were a harsh wake-up call:


And it’s still true today, you must save, but your approach must be tailored to the times.

You aren’t going to make it if you just stick money in the bank.

So let’s consider three options:

  • Catch up contributions to your retirement accounts
  • Bitcoin IRAs
  • Bitcoin saving outside of retirement accounts

Catching Up - Increasing 401k and IRA Contributions

Most Gen X’ers are in their peak earning years.

This is obviously a good thing, with inflation raging and taxation increasing.

If you aren’t comfortable with your savings, by all means take advantage of your retirement plan options.

For most, this means a 401k or an IRA.

The main advantage here is the reduction of your taxes now, and deferred taxation of your money until you withdraw it later.

You’ll still pay tax, but you can manage it by taking out less if you’re still working, or not taking it at all until you are forced.

For 2023, you can contribute $22,500…but if you’re over 50 you can stash up to $7,500 more.


If you don’t have access to a 401k, an IRA is going to be your only tax-deferral option.

For 2023, you can put in $6,500, and another $1,000 if you are over the age of 50.

Caveats abound, especially if you’re a baller and make big money, so check it all out here as limits apply for higher incomes.

IRAs and 401ks do have one big problem though for Bitcoiners, your investment options are limited. Especially with a 401k option your employer pretty much calls the shots..

But what if I told you there’s a way to absolutely turbo-charge your retirement?

Would you be interested in hearing more?

The Bitcoin IRA - Investing on Steroids

As a Gen X’er, you’ve probably got some retirement funds that you do control.

Maybe an old 401k you never rolled over, or an IRA you started back in the day that isn’t doing much. Or you can start a brand new Roth IRA so any earnings are not taxed at all once you hit 60 years of age.

Now is the time to take action and get that into Bitcoin.

There aren’t a ton of companies out there catering to Bitcoiners…yet.

But that will absolutely change as the market demands options.

Multiple companies now offer the option of holding Bitcoin in an IRA, I will leave it up to you to do the research and figure out which one is best, but you must extensively research and vet any company you decide to to business with in this fashion.

Remember, the ethos behind Bitcoin is that YOU are in control of your Bitcoin, and some companies do act as your custodian depending on the IRA structure.

Currently, the companies out there seem to be charging high fees, the cost of doing business in Bitcoin is a bit murky and really big financial companies aren’t involved quite yet.

But strongly consider rolling over at least some of your retirement funds into Bitcoin, it should really turbo-charge your returns over the next decade.

Again, do the research…or just maintain full control by just saving Bitcoin on your own.

Bitcoin For Retirement - Accelerate Wealth Accumulation Outside of Traditional Retirement Accounts

The easiest choice after navigating all of this government red tape is to just stack Bitcoin on your own for retirement.

Simple. Easy. Convenient.

The downside is this: Capital Gains Tax

Now I know we are all bad-asses here online, we’re gonna out-HODL the IRS and force them to onto the Bitcoin standard, but be smart and have a plan.

It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the US government, and their enforcement arm the IRS will still be around in twenty or thirty years when we are tapping into our Bitcoin stash.

You may be paying tax on your Bitcoin gains.

The good news is this, there are zero taxes on capital gains, up to a certain amount.

For a married couple in 2023, up to $89,250 is taxed at zero..and up to $553,850 is taxed at 15% (Full tax rate breakdowns). This is with the assumption you are no longer working and earning a regular, taxable income.

So if you’re a buyer now, and a long term HODLer, you may be able to escape a lot of taxation if you manage things efficiently.

You never know what the gubbermint will do, they’re starved for cash, so a massive tax grab is certainly something that could happen.

A diversified plan is probably in the best interest of most Gen X’ers.

Personally, I do not plan to see a single dime out of Social Security, and if I do the purchasing power from that check will be debased beyond belief.

So that means it’s on me, and on you - to accumulate hard money for your family and your retirement.