Yeah Being Rich is Cool - But Have you Enjoyed the Peace of Bitcoin?

If Bitcoin works long-term, many of us will be rich, but peace of mind comes along for the ride!

Yeah Being Rich is Cool - But Have you Enjoyed the Peace of Bitcoin?

Ever spend 15 minutes mentally spending your Bitcoin?

Its fun!

Lots of real estate, experiences with friends and family, and just whatever I want to do is what I look forward to…

While the Destination is what we all think about, the Journey can (and should be) just as fun. Realize here and now is all we really have, and remember that’s how it will be every single day on this ride to hyperbitcoinization.

Bitcoin, while initially a cause of fear and doubt in my mind 8 years ago when I dove in, has now become a source of incredible peace in my life.

Sleeping Well at Night

The last three years, since I really locked down my Bitcoin stack into cold storage have been incredibly peaceful for me.

No worries about the Fed, CBDCs, the goofballs in DC, or what the economy will or won’t do in the next quarter. Just the peace of mind that dominates my mind knowing things are all going to work out.

I used to be a “financial junkie”

Always on the lookout for the hidden risk, the next big Wall Street scandal, or what 4th quarter GDP might mean…

What a waste!

Now, its just the noise in the background that pops up every once and a while when a friend asks which stock they should be getting into.

I simply smile and reply the fiat game is coming to an end. It might take two years, it might take 20, but I don’t have to pay attention to it anymore. I advise them to look into Bitcoin, and stop playing the rigged game set up by bankers and politicians more than a century ago.

And while I might still consume plenty of financial content, its for a different purpose. Its simply to determine how many people are waking up to Bitcoin, and how quickly they might be doing so.

And yes, my sleep filled nights are amazing, KNOWING its all working out in favor of Bitcoin - and all who embrace it.

Getting Rich in More Important Things

Knowledge is power, as they say.

Knowing Bitcoin will succeed frees you up for many other important things in life.

For example, a young man who stacks a tenth of a Bitcoin (or more) for his retirement in 20-30 years can put all of his focus on perfecting his craft now.

Maybe he’s an artist. He may not be wildly successful selling art for fiat, but he makes a living at it.

With Bitcoin locked away in cold storage, unconfiscatable by anyone, including the state, he can focus on what things are most important. Making his art, starting and raising a family, and escaping from the corporate rat race if he so chooses.

Options like this have been difficult to deploy in the fiat world! Currency that constantly erodes in value means longer work hours, and stressful decisions requiring a second career managing fiat financial instruments.

The World Changes on the Bitcoin Standard

Thousands (millions?) today already enjoy the same peace of mind.

They don’t have to worry about if the Fed raised rates by a quarter point next meeting, or if the Bank of Japan is tweaking their yield curve control parameters.

They just have to put a little bit of their labor into Bitcoin - week in and week out until they meet their stacking goal.

Then just wait.

It may take two years, it may take twenty.

But Bitcoin is inevitable.

Ignore the noise from the dying legacy system. Buy Bitcoin, store it safely and go enjoy life!