Why Total Dummies Can Still Get Rich With Bitcoin

“You don't have to be brilliant, only a little bit wiser than the other guys, on average, for a long, long time.” - Charlie Munger

Why Total Dummies Can Still Get Rich With Bitcoin

I’m a dummy

When I look back at the absolutely stupid shit I’ve done over the years in the investment world, its a wonder how I still have a roof over my head.

But I’m not alone (fortunately)…because we’re all dummies!

We don’t have “6-12 months” of emergency savings.

We don’t pay off our credit cards every month.

We don’t have “balanced retirement portfolios”.

Hell, we don’t even balance our checking accounts.


I’m just plain lazy at times. We generally have the tendency to think we are smarter than the next guy on the street, and we decide to figure it out as we go instead of wasting precious hours on all that nonsense.

We have kids to raise, wives to love, and jobs to tend to so the fiat flows don’t stop.

But there’s one area where us dummies need to keep it tight, the Bitcoin game.

Bitcoin is Different - Dummies Can Still Win!

In so many ways, the one-time discovery of digital scarcity levels the playing field and rewards the wise, not necessarily the intelligent.

What's the difference between intelligence and wisdom?

Source: Thesaurus.com

While our intelligence may be limited by our genes, our upbringing or any number of additional factors, wisdom can be carefully cultivated by study and application of principles to the situations we see around us.

Munger’s quote at the introduction comes into play at this point.

Careful study of Bitcoin reveals it to be SUPERIOR MONEY in almost every facet, with the exception of the length of time it has been around.

So what do “intelligent people” do with this information?

They try to trade Bitcoin, or they delve into “better Bitcoins” also known as shitcoins.

They nitpick at the edges of Bitcoin, calling it slow, criticize the supply issuance, and scream from the mountaintops that the authorities will shut it down (hint: if they haven’t by now, they can’t).

On the other hand, a wise one simply looks at the facts, and then projects what will result based on how human nature will play out.

Would You Care for Some Unconfiscatable Money That Increases in Purchasing Power?

Wise people see are things intelligent people do not.

The scary part is what intelligent people DO NOT SEE.

Governments are on the rampage, taxing and spending like no other time in history.

Inflationary policy is absolutely necessary for the charade to continue. In the past, this led to the absolute destruction of the middle class, as the currency lost value so went the fortunes of any who stored money in it.

Only those with hard assets like gold, farmland and real estate made it through.

And today Bitcoin is the lifeboat that will bring billions through the government sponsored destruction of fiat money.

So…would you care for some unconfiscatable money that increases in purchasing power?

Brilliance is Unnecessary, Long-Term Wisdom Is…

Wise people don’t overanalyze, once they have the basics down and know exactly what is going on, they take measured and consistent action.

A once in a lifetime, monetary revolution is upon us.

This monetary revolution will drastically redistribute wealth around the world. But to enjoy the benefits of the revolution, you have to be wise, for a really, really long time as Munger advised.

El Salvador will become Hong Kong, Michael Saylor will become Warren Buffett.

But it won’t be their intelligence, it’ll be their wisdom that prevails.

Plebs, fortunately are already front-and-center in this massive sea change.

But remember, I am a dummy, and you are too…

Use your wisdom, and your understanding of human nature and to get you to the other side.