Why Buying Dollars With Bitcoin is Your Worst Option in a Financial Pinch

“There’s an infinite amount of cash at the Federal Reserve.” - Neel Kashkari, March 2020

Why Buying Dollars With Bitcoin is Your Worst Option in a Financial Pinch

I ran into an issue this last week, my supply of fiat ran down to rock-bottom levels after I completed my tax forms.

Yep, Uncle Sam was demanding dollars from me.

Now of course I could’ve moved a little of my Orange Coin out of ice cold storage.

It is very easy to these days to send it to a broker, buy some dollars with it, and got a fiat deposit in a day or two.

But that would be straight up foolish behavior.

I dug deep, found another source of dollar funding, and kept my stack intact.

Because in a pinch, buying Dollars with Bitcoin is your worst possible option.

Here’s why:

Fed Heads Shout: “Dollars are Unlimited in Supply”

Do you remember a few years back during COVID when a few of the Fed Heads went on 60 Minutes? They got that crazed, glassy-eyed look and then…

Unlimited cash at the Fed

Their admission shocked plenty of “ordinary folks” who were suddenly awoken from their deep slumber. If they can just print cash at the Fed at the direction of Congress for relief checks, why are we even paying taxes?

Well we all know the government is going to let us off the hook when it comes to our taxes, but we also know they are going to print the difference anytime they decide to overspend.

You don’t end up $31 trillion in debt by running a balanced budget!

So why would anyone give up a finite, fixed-supply money like Bitcoin, for dollars?

I didn’t - hopefully you won’t either.

Dollars Continue to Degrade Against Bitcoin

What happens when one type of money is “unlimited in supply” while the other is backed by code and math, and in fixed supply?

Yeah, you know.

Any time you zoom out on a Bitcon/Dollar chart you see the results. The dollars keep degrading against Bitcoin, and there aren’t any adults in the room to stem the tide. The only solution the Central Bankers and government have is to print, print, and print.

This trend started way back in 1913 with the creation of the Fed, but its really escalated since 1971 when they untethered the dollar from gold completely.

I’m no technical analyst, but I have heard of the old saying - the trend is your friend.

The trend for the dollar has been down since Bitcoin’s humble creation, and there is no reason to think that is going to change anytime soon.

Dollars are Slave Money! Plebs Deserve Better

As a pleb, we all are just commoners looking to make a living, enjoy our family and friends, and save a little money for our future.

The dollar is completely opposed to pleb values, as it has brought about a system of debt slavery. The whole system has been running on this idea of buy now, pay later - and its jut about time to pay the piper.

This house of cards is getting pretty shaky, and now foreigners are fed up too - looking at any and every turn to find an alternative to a dollar system that just doesn‘t work well except for the few who reside extremely close to the money printer.

So don’t be a dumb pleb!

When a financial situation puts you in a pinch, never look to sell you Bitcoin for dollars - you obviously worked and saved that stack for quite a while, don’t let it go easily.