Why Bitcoin is the Perfect Investment for Millennials - Save Efficiently and Reject Boomer Money

Currency debasement is the only way out, save yourself first

Why Bitcoin is the Perfect Investment for Millennials - Save Efficiently and Reject Boomer Money

Millennials have been placed squarely between a rock and a hard place.

Those who borrowed heavily for college are struggling to keep their heads above water. Those who didn’t are also affected by ridiculous housing prices that are removing the American dream from an entire generation. Add to the mix ridiculous inflation prints and you’ve got a recipe for an angry generation.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix, you simply have to look into the future and know how things are going to play out.

Boomer Money Is Dying - Well Because Boomers

The dollar is being stressed like never before, across the world nation-states are scrambling to de-dollarize.

Its not to hard to figure out why. The dollar was an extremely efficient way to measure value for many years. But all good thing come to an end, usually because of greed.

Political decisions over the last three decades have brought us to this point. Instead of taking our medicine, we’ve overspent, borrowing untold trillions just to keep the current system afloat. Backwards looking thinking has monetary authorities printing money out of thin air, and handing it off to their buddies at the top.

Today, individuals are waking up as well, shunning dollars and looking for alternatives to store value - like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is An Asset That is Ignored by Boomers

Bitcoin is shunned by the Boomer generation, as they’ve gotten fat off and happy off of dollar supremacy.

Most fail to even give it a second look, simply dismissing it out of hand as “backed by nothing.” Surprise is on them however, as Bitcoin is backed by the people. Node runners, miners, and HODLers unite each in their own way to secure the Bitcoin Network, and bring along all comers who are curious about this revolution.

Enter the Millennial - Sick of the status quo and hungry for innovation and freedom on their terms, not those of a generation devoid of new ideas.

Bitcoin Is An Asset Understood By Millennials

The younger generation is naturally more comfortable with new ideas - concepts like digital money.

While the Boomers clutch onto gold and fiat currency, younger people see how this movie ends. They know with certainty the house of cards build by their parents is long overdue for a restructuring. Fortunately Bitcoin offers a peaceful way to protest all of the clownish decisions being made by The Fed and the political leaders in basically every country on earth right now.

Millinnials see how buying a digital asset, and storing it OUTSIDE of the legacy financial system is the right move

The Solution - Put 10% of your Income Into Bitcoin For Ten Years

So where should a Millennial start if he is looking to build and protect wealth for the long term?

Dollar cost averaging.

This simple method lets you get some skin the game while you continue to educate yourself about Bitcoin.

Take 10% of your pay, and religiously stack Bitcoin. After you have a few months under your belt, you’ll want to learn about cold storage. Doing this is similar to having gold coins hidden away, you are in absolute control of your money with no counterparty risk.

De-dollarization will take a bit, you’re still going to earn and spend in Dollars for a bit.

But having a safe haven asset like Bitcoin in cold storage will save you from being stressed out as the current system continues to deteriorate.