Time in the Market: How Patient Bitcoin Investors Come Out Ahead

"Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas." - Paul Samuelson

Time in the Market: How Patient Bitcoin Investors Come Out Ahead

One of the tough things to wrap your mind around with Bitcoin is how it is not linear!

Sure if you pull up the fifteen year chart it goes up and to the right. But if you are zooming in at all its just a mess when using dollar terms as a measurement.

But in the end, we all know how this movie ends (as long as you’ve done the work studying Bitcoin).

Bitcoin becomes the world’s money, all other fiats die one by one. So how can you as an ordinary pleb take full advantage of the inevitable monetization of Bitcoin?

Have Some Fun in Life - But Investing Isn’t How to Do It

One trap that you might fall into is simply becoming obsessed with Bitcoin to the point where other things in your life suffer.

Been there, done that?

Bitcoin is really fun! There are many things you can learn about, rabbit holes so to speak.

But plebs aren’t Wall Street types running billions of dollars. In fact, we’re mostly ordinary folks who woke up to a system that we see is just unfair.

Our sense of justice often takes over, and hyperbitcoinization is the only goal we see in front of us, and dammit we’re gonna do everything in our power to make it happen!


It is coming, albeit slowly when you step back and look at it in terms that make sense. It took a long time to build the fiat system, its going to take a little time for it to collapse into Bitcoin.

As Paul Samuelson stated in the introductory quote, you shouldn’t be getting your excitement from investing in Bitcoin, take some cash and go to Vegas if you’re looking for that kind of rush.

Your investing should be slow and steady, which is why you look at it as a decades-long endeavor.

Measuring Your Time in Bitcoin - Use Decades as Your Investment Guide

Many of us remember the time we got into Bitcoin fondly, and of course we all make mistakes along the way.

Trading, leveraging ourselves, and shit-coining happen to the best of us, but an old investing adage can keep you balanced and centered, no matter if your a seasoned Bitcoin investor or brand new to stacking:

Its not about timing the market, its time in the market.

How long can you stay in the market without selling, panicking or simply stopping your investment plan?

If you make a plan to invest $50 in Bitcoin every week for the next ten years, that is a rock solid way to go through the ups-and-downs without losing your mind.

Remember, time in the market will help you win bigtime with this asset.

Watching Paint Dry and Grass Grow - Your Bitcoin Stack Rises with DCA

Has your Bitcoin experience been like watching paint dry so far?

Probably not!

That’s because we generally invest with our emotions, the two most powerful being fear and greed.

When we are greedy, we jump in with both feet, and either trade or over allocate.

When we are fearful, we sell - thinking we are losing DOLLARS too quickly.

Both are brutal to our long-term investing thesis, that Bitcoin wins and becomes world money. Remember, it is inevitable, we just don’t know the exact schedule!

Make sure you have other ways to have some fun in life, not focusing on Bitcoin as the solution everything in this exact moment.

A lot of fiat thinking is going to have to be erased from the memory banks of humankind.

You can simply work a regular job, put fiat money into Bitcoin, all the while enjoying your family and other hobbies in the meantime…

Time in the market, not timing the market!