Three Things You Can Do When You Hear Cringy Bitcoin Takes

Is been 14 years, but bad Bitcoin takes just keep coming

Three Things You Can Do When You Hear Cringy Bitcoin Takes

How do you react when you hear awful Bitcoin takes?

Do you ignore?

Do you react?

Or do you stack?

Lets dive in…

Ignoring is Usually the Quick, Easy Option

There are so many bad Bitcoin takes out there you are just going to have to ignore most of them.

From the “not backed by anything” to the “governments is going to ban it” to “Bitcoin is going to get hacked” it really becomes mind-numbing hearing the same old objections day after day. Nobody has the mental energy to fight everyone who has their unique and fresh take on Bitcoin, after studying it for all of 10 minutes.

Live and let live, everyone buys in at the price they deserve. It takes some intellectual curiosity to look into Bitcoin, and frankly there are just not a ton of people who have that in this day and age.

You Can Try to Fight It

The second option when coming across bad Bitcoin takes is to FIGHT.

So you want to spend all day on Twitter fighting Dollar maximalists and Gold Bugs stuck in the 19th Century? Well that is certainly a fun option! Nothing like wasting spending time with people who have an entrenched non-negotiable position!

Seriously though, don’t waste your time online fighting with people about Bitcoin!

You may want to engage those close to you, family members or friends. But don’t let your ego get in the way. Simply explain you see a lot of messed up things in the world, and Bitcoin is a nice little insurance policy against the decisions being made by people in power.

Leave the door cracked open a tiny bit by stating that you will answer any questions they might have about Orange Coin - then walk away.

Fighting about money doesn’t usually work out - in any area.

The Zen choice - Sit back, stack, and relax.

The final option is to simply open up your phone and smash buy a nice little stack when someone gets on your nerves with their ill informed Bitcoin take.

When a Pleb stacks Bitcoin and puts in into cold storage for a decade minimum, things change, albeit slowly. But they will change, its inevitable. One satoshi at a time, incentives are changed around the world.

One person at a time, everyone is slowly forced into the value-for-value model, making the world a better place overall.