Three Big Inflation Lies Explained - And How Bitcoin is the Escape

Putting 10% of Every Paycheck Into Bitcoin Protects You From Inflation

Three Big Inflation Lies Explained - And How Bitcoin is the Escape

A mere thirty years ago you could walk into a McDonalds and grab yourself a $2.99 Big Mac Value Meal.

Yes indeed. It only took $3 bucks plus tax to land that tasty treat. So what happened? Inflation happened. And its getting even worse.

Today that same Big Mac, ice cold Coke, and toasty french fry meal will set you back $10.

Truth is: They are lying about inflation, and will continue to do so.

The Big Lie #1 About Inflation - Its Necessary

Economists have screwed this one up for more than a century now - pushing the narrative from their paymasters that inflation is normal and even necessary.

The whopper shouted for decades is this – “A little inflation is good, around 2% is what makes an economy hum along just right.”

In reality, this is a hidden tax, spread upon everyone in the form of money that is losing value. Two percent of your money, at minimum, as your contribution for a functioning monetary system.

A bald faced lie Bitcoin will eventually expose like no other.

Big Lie #2 About Inflation - The Numbers Are Accurate

Did you know the government lies about inflation? Which one?

Yes, all of them.

The second largest lie you will encounter is the reported level of inflation. There are hundreds of statistical studies showing prices rising faster than the government reports, but the real test comes every time you buy something. You aren’t stupid, and your eyes and your gut tell you when prices jump significantly.

From filling the tank to feeding your family, YOU KNOW the rate of inflation in the real world is easily outpacing “Official Government Statistics.”

Big Lie #3 About Inflation - Who Causes This Problem

Who causes inflation?

Governments and economists get very wishy-washy when trying to pin down the source of inflation. Some babble about supply-demand imbalance ensues, and large word salads are dispensed upon the masses with gentle dismissal.

“Run along now children, no need to worry about inflation, we’ve got it handled.”

In reality, money printing is the one and only source of ongoing inflation.

If governments were to stop the creation of new money, fix the supply immediately, and step aside inflation would quickly be arrested. But they will never, ever do such a thing as it would collapse the debt-based monetary system in years, if not months.

So governments MUST continue to cause inflation for the system to continue.

ESCAPE - Put 10% of Your Pay Into Bitcoin from this day forward

How does one escape?

Day to day, we still use dollars. We’re going to have to deal with it until the Bitcoin Standard arrives. But you can protect yourself, if you start today.

Put 10% of your income into Bitcoin for the next 10 years. The 10x10 plan put you in control of your long-term financial health - no matter what the government does with their money.