The Seriousness of Bitcoin and Why Fiat Death is Now Inevitable

"Take a simple idea and take it seriously" - Charlie Munger

The Seriousness of Bitcoin and Why Fiat Death is Now Inevitable

Most in the world today do not take Bitcoin seriously

Sure they know about it.

They talk about it, they have an opinion on it, and they think it is one BIG FAT JOKE.

The epitome of seeing and idea in rapid motion, and yet dismissing it completely - with no real rational backing.

What happens to such people?

They get wrecked…

Take a Simple Idea and Take it Seriously

Bitcoin at its core is a very simple idea.

Private money

Eliminate the government, eliminate the bankers, eliminate the politicians, eliminate the whiny losers who don’t want to work a real job.

Simply create a software program that people can opt-in and out of at their convenience, and see what happens.

It has been a fascinating experiment.

Mainly in that all those losers, politicians, bankers and government hacks have cried out about Bitcoin from the get-go.

As Satoshi so eloquently stated - if you don’t get it, I don’t have time to convince you, sorry (not sorry)

What all of these people have failed to do is LOOK FORWARD.

Things are always changing, usually for the better!

Look at the phone you’re reading this on right now! An incredible pocket encyclopedia that lets you talk to anyone, look up anything, learn about every possible subject, and communicate messages anywhere in the world.

People who have such devices actually think the MONEY would never be improved.

Well, its happening.

Why Ignoring Bitcoin Means Failure

Opinions, shaped by the government and their attack dogs in the media are being shaped every day.

Bitcoin has been ignored, laughed at, and fought against by the majority for nearly 15 years now.

But the bottom line is everyone who has ignored Bitcoin, bagged on Bitcoin, criticized Bitcoin, and underestimated Bitcoin is poor in comparison to “what coulda been”

Everyone (myself included) regrets not getting into Bitcoin sooner, investing more fiat into Bitcoin earlier, and/or selling Bitcoin too soon. This will only continue in an exponential manner as Bitcoin rockets through six, seven and eight figures.

Hard financial lessons, yet they will continue on a brutal scale until fiat finally submits.

This will certainly take another generation, possibly two. But the wheels are in motion, the train is on the tracks, and the phenomenon that is Bitcoin cannot be stopped by anyone or anything.

Treat the Bitcoin Idea Seriously or Have Fun Staying Poor

Billions are just starting their Bitcoin education.

It’ll be rough, especially for those who resist.

What you resist, persists - thus you will see awful, ignorant Bitcoin takes spew forth from every corner of society for a few more decades.

Just don’t listen.

If you’ve done the work (1,000 hours of Bitcoin education should do it) your understanding of money, fiat, and Bitcoin will become crystal clear to you, just as it has to millions on plebs around the world already.

If it isn’t clear, put in another 1,000 hours of study.

Your financial future is at stake. You don’t have time to put it off, discount it, or God forbid IGNORE BITCOIN at this critical juncture.

Get in the game, or Have Fun Staying Poor.