The Government Teaches You NOTHING About Money - and That is a GOOD Thing

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ― Henry Ford

The Government Teaches You NOTHING About Money - and That is a GOOD Thing

Imagine what Henry Ford would say today…

His amazing quote illustrates well what the government wants you to know about money — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

How else could an entity run up a debt of more than $32 Trillion dollars, and have entitlement obligations upcoming of more than $150 Trillion, without an ignorant populace?

But I’m an optimist!

And wherever you see extremely pessimistic news or numbers, it’s time to look for the hidden opportunity.

And Bitcoin is that opportunity - hidden in plain sight for anyone with a few brain cells to see.

Your Money Education - Did You Even Get One?

When I think back to high school (circa 1991) I don’t remember a thing about money being taught in school.

This is intentional

The school system is designed to simply create worker bees, people who follow orders and don’t question them.

Entrepreneurship is ignored, rigid schedules are the norm, and questioning authority is out of the question.

But the tables have turned…

Today, education is free for anyone who WANTS IT. All it takes is desire and an Internet connection.

There are no excuses for anyone, now.

Thus, the playing field has been leveled to a point where anyone living anywhere can access historical data and writings about money - what it is, how it is used by people, and what is on the horizon.

Then apply what you’ve learned to your own life.

When Systems Start to Fail, Those in Charge Desperately Cling to What They’ve Built

Fiat has been in failure mode since 1971.

Untethering it from Gold was simply a “temporary fix” according to Tricky Dick.

Temporary is now at 52 years, and it’s all working out as government intended. Five decades of unlimited and reckless spending are coming to roost, and it will be both glorious and petrifying at the same time.

That’s why Bitcoiners are warning you to get into the lifeboat — NOW

Sure you can stumble around, wait ‘til TRILLIONS more get printed, and have yet more confirmation that things are really bad from the fiat perspective…but why?

Government is SCREAMING at you from the top of a mountain, letting you know they are completely inept, and that their drunken spending will continue until they absolutely CANNOT anymore.

How many warning signals do you need?

Its Last Call, all aboard for those on the train leading to monetary justice and a peaceful new world.

The Good Thing About Government Propaganda and Money - Opportunity for the Plebs

Because “systems” last so long and don’t collapse all at once, there is confusion among most people about the fiat money system.

Acceptance of the idea of “that’s just how it is” continues among the general population. To confirm this, simply throw out the idea that all fiat money will be replaced by Bitcoin over the next 20-50 years.

Whoever you are talking to will look at you like your a damn alien, someone colored green and has pointy ears.

But this is your advantage, your opportunity.

Anyone who works a job can simply start Saving In Bitcoin.

Doing so doesn’t take much of a brain, remember its wisdom, not intelligence that is required.

Being wise means looking around, noticing, and taking the right actions at the right time.

Today is the right time to start stacking 1/10th of a Bitcoin, at minimum.

If you can scrounge up $3,000 in US government IOU’s it can be exchanged at this exact moment for a tenth of a coin. Locked away in cold storage for 20 years this means a simple and easy retirement.

Do it… TODAY