Brainwashed By the Dollar and Enlightened By Bitcoin - The Journey to Freedom

How leaving a highly controlling religion opened my mind to Bitcoin

Brainwashed By the Dollar and Enlightened By Bitcoin - The Journey to Freedom

For the first 35 years of my life, I was in a cult.

I was born into the Jehovah’s Witnesses - brainwashed from birth.

Being in a cult is strange.

Your parents believe it, so they teach you it is the “truth” from the moment you are born. Nothing seems “wrong”- just different.

Going to church three times a week was normal for me. As was going door-to-door trying to convert people every Saturday morning. Holidays and birthdays were prohibited. While it certainly made me feel from others outside of the belief system, I was taught it was what God wanted me to do, so I didn’t put up a fight - I did what I was told.

I believed it all, until I decided to investigate my beliefs.

So it is with the Cult of Fiat - led by the dollar in today’s world.

What is True? When You’re Brainwashed from Birth, You Believe It!

The dollar system brainwashes everyone from birth - everyone believes in it as it has been the only game for 50 years.

They think it’s just fine that government creates money, even though the same government is the first and main beneficiary of that money.

Most have actually never even considered the idea of “Private Money”

“How would that work? Who would be in charge? Someone has to be in charge, to make sure it’s all working right! You’re being crazy with this Bitcoin thing!”

The idea is simply dead on arrival, similar to my own structured belief in what the Jehovah’s Witnesses taught.

“Where else would I go? This has to be the one, true religion! There is no way that I could’ve been taught a lie my whole life!!”

But there I was in my late thirties, grasping at straws trying to put together everything from scratch.

A little scary at first, but extremely rewarding in time!

So it is with Bitcoin.

People’s initial reaction once they consider Bitcoin is an option that might work is….


They simply are afraid that they may have missed the boat, or that all their fiat education means nothing, or that the world is going to change so quickly that its going to leave them in the dust.

Like most fears, there’s a mix of lies they tell themselves, and the potential truth in there.

Yes, they may be completely screwed if they act like an ostrich and stick their head in the sand.

Their fiat savings, their stocks, their bonds, their 401k and IRA may just be debased over time, leaving them “poor” on a relative basis.

But if they are humble, curious, and motivated - they’ll build an amazing financial fort over the next decade. They will shelter themselves from the coming inflationary storm that’s only just begun.

And they will prosper, as Bitcoiners.

The Problem With Brainwashing - Lies Eventually are Exposed

The Cult of the Dollar has been telling lies for 50 years now.

Since the untethering of the dollar from gold, here are a few of the things we’ve been told:

Lie: "Fiat currency has inherent value backed by the government."

Fiat currency derives its value from government decree and public confidence. Its intrinsic value is zero. It is not linked to any hard asset, making its value fluctuate wildly when printed to excess.

Lie: "Fiat currency promotes stability and economic growth."

Truth: While fiat currency allows central banks to implement monetary policies to stimulate economic growth, these generally don’t work as their unintended consequences are quickly exposed by the market.

Lie: "Fiat currency is a good tool to manage inflation."

Truth: History has shown that fiat currencies can experience hyperinflation, where their value rapidly decreases due to excessive money printing. Even the so-called reserve currency has lost massive purchasing power over the last five decades.

Lie: "Fiat currency provides a stable store of value."

Truth: A massive whopper told by the establishment. Of course they measure it month-to-month, and over a few years at most. Measuring fiat debasement over decades show this to be a lie of massive proportion.

Lie: "Fiat currency offers privacy and anonymity."

Truth: Fiat transactions leave digital trails that can be tracked and monitored by financial institutions. From there, is not a long ride to government agencies tracking you based on any sort of “suspicion” they claim to have. Cash has been virtually eliminated, and the mother-of-all-surveillance tools, CBDCs are on the horizon.

Lie: "Fiat currency is a reliable medium of exchange."

Truth: While fiat currency is widely accepted as a medium of exchange, its value and acceptability can vary. Middlemen, “money changers” make a living off of simply offering exchange services with little to no value provided compared to a universal money (like Bitcoin).

Lie: "Fiat currency fosters trust in the financial system."

Truth: Trust in fiat depends on the stability and credibility of the issuing government. Simply observing the collapse of several fiat currencies over the past five years provides a scary lesson: Once the trust is gone, so is the “money”.

Lie: "Fiat is money."

Truth: While fiat currency is the dominant form of money in most countries, alternative have always existed. Gold and silver served as money for thousands of years. Now with technological advancements, digital money has emerged with open and fair rules, transparent production, and an equal playing field for those that choose to participate.

As you can see, liars and their lies have blinded the world and for good reason:

They benefit from the system!

But you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.

It is unjust to have one group of people in full control of money production, so it’s time for a change…

Leaving the Cult - One Person at a Time

My journey out of the Jehovah’s Witness cult was not easy or quick.

Sacrifices were made, I was shunned by “friends” and “family” because I no longer decided to believe in their religion and their God.

It took many years to debunk the lies I was told, to orient myself around “truth”. To move on and live life in a new reality.

But it taught me an important lesson.

“I do not know”

Really, what do I, or any of us really “know”?

We have limited perspectives based on one set of eyes and ears. We are told things from birth from the people we trust, who believe they are teaching us the things we need to know. We make our “best guess” from there and assume we are really smart and have it all figured out.

The same holds true for Bitcoin and the dollar system.

People just do not know…yet!

The brainwashing is all pervasive. People aren’t going to just jump into Bitcoin based on one conversation.

You have to be patient. You have to show them the problem, and then slowly introduce them to the solution.

One humble soul at at time.

We show them, we teach them, we free them.