Stop Being a Bitcoin Loser: Playing Checkers Won't Set You Free Financially

Distractions abound in today's fiat world - pay full attention to Bitcoin!

Stop Being a Bitcoin Loser: Playing Checkers Won't Set You Free Financially

Checkers is one of those games you learn when you’re four years old.

Simple and easy rules. A little kid can play against Grandpa and its fun for both. But in time children get bored with the simplicity of the game and its limitations and move on to something like chess.

The same goes for Bitcoin — there’s another level beyond the basics.

Playing Checkers - Don’t Be a Bitcoin Loser!

The first step in determining if you’re going wrong is evaluating exactly what you are doing, thinking and saying in your day-to-day life - as it relates to Bitcoin.

Don’t be a Bitcoin loser! Don’t play checkers when others are on the chess board.

Ask - what are the smartest people in Bitcoin doing right now, and am I keeping pace with them?

For example, Michael Saylor has basically abandoned the fiat system and pushed his chips into the center of the table.

All in

Are you calling the bluff of the current monetary authorities? Burn the ships and don’t look back. Are you all in?

If you’re piddling around, dropping a little $20 stack into Bitcoin weekly, the answer is NO! Time to level up.

Quit playing checkers.

Playing Chess in the Bitcoin Universe

The monetization of Bitcoin is a one time event, and it’ll take between one and three generations to play out.

We’re getting toward the end of the first generation. You should have a rock-solid Bitcoin plan to accumulate as much as possible and HODL, thus strengthening the network as the monetization unfolds.

There’s one shot to secure your bag at bargain basement prices, buying Bitcoin with both hands should be your primary objective for the next decade, at minimum.

Chess is a game of extreme discipline and defense. Those who are conservative, increase their stack week in and week out, and defend their Bitcoin via self-custody will emerge victorious.