Bitcoin Investing Tips From the Billionaire You've Never Heard Of

How a do-it-yourself and a buy-and-hold plan can work with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Investing Tips From the Billionaire You've Never Heard Of

Herb Wertheim, the billionaire you’ve never heard of amassed a fortune of $2.3 billion dollars, by purchasing appreciating assets, and holding them.

The optometrist and inventor was described in Forbes as the “Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of” in a 2019 profile. Since then, his fortune has topped $4 billion dollars, a testament to the power of compounding.

“My thing is, I wanted to be able to have free time. To me, having time is the most precious thing” said Werthem.

A simple goal - one that Bitcoiners have in mind today…here is how emulating Herb’s style make you rich with Bitcoin.

Religious Like Adherence to Investing Regularly

“You take what you earn with the sweat of your brow, then you take a percentage of that and you invest it in other people’s labor.”

Herb has a simple approach when it comes to investing. Invest early, invest often - and have a plan. But even if your plan has a temporary setback, you don’t stop -always invest in your future self by continuing to save.

Bitocoiners today build wealth slowly by taking a percentage of what you earn and putting it into unconfiscatable money.

Invest in Ideas that Will Change Humanity

Herb invested in the things he knew well, and the things that would make life better for humans.

With Bitcoin, you aren’t just buying computer coins that sit there idly. You are investing into the humanity behind the network. Every day, millions of people not only exchange ideas about Bitcoin, they have skin-in-the-game. They HODL, they code, they build, they write, they persuade- all done voluntarily.

This is why Bitcoin is far different than anything else out there. The collective labor and brainpower inputs from Bitcoiners worldwide insure that it will win.

These actions tell you that converting your fiat into Bitcoin is not only not risky, it avoid the risk you encounter when holding dollars over the long run.

You’ve Made the Right Evaluation - Markets are Emotional

“My goal is to buy, and almost never sell” concluded Herb on his investing style.

So it is with Bitcoin. The monetization of the world’s perfect digitial asset is going to take a generation or two. Making a plan to manage those ups and downs is paramount to a Bitcoiner’s long term success. Bitcoin is going to continue to blow mind with both its upward and downward movements, so know what you have.

Resolve now to Never Sell

It’s far easier on the mind than having to ask yourself every day:

Should I sell some of my Bitcioin?

Investing For the Long Run

Herb is now in his 9th decade, and having lots of fun according to his Forbes profile.

Will you be like Herb?

You have all of the information necessary, you know it’s inevitable. The only thing to do now is act like it and secure as much of it as you can.