Why You Should Have High Standards With Your Money, and Why it Means Hard Work!

Accept nothing less than the best...You may have been born into one system, but you can choose a better one.

Why You Should Have High Standards With Your Money, and Why it Means Hard Work!

High standards are old fashioned and considered out-of-date in the world we live in today.

Everyone wants the quick fix, the easy path, the reward without the work.

The desire for instant gratification leads to weak individuals. That leads to low standards, and people start to accept that getting ripped off is just part of life. Bitcoin flips that script, however, as you can become your own bank and transact with anyone in the world without permission if they accept Bitcoin.

But you MUST first decide that the dollar standard is unacceptable to you and make choices that show you have higher standards when it comes to your money.

Low Standards in Fiat - The Dollar System

All of us have been born into a system dominated by the US dollar, and derivatives of it as most countries around the world issue their own fiat currency.

All seems well on the surface. You can easily transact, even in many countries outside of the United States. But below the surface you see plenty of problems once you examine the dollar system.

Since 1971, the dollar has been a freely floating currency. You could argue that it is loosely tied to oil, as the petrodollar came about shortly after the tie to gold was completely severed, but oil is a volatile commodity.

Thus, we’ve seen plenty of games played by those in power (MIDDLE EAST WARS), all leading back to the those in charge working to keep the dollar at the top of the mountain.

Often referred to as “The cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper,” monetary experts openly recognize there is a problem having a freely floating currency system. One nation gets to print as much as they want, and the rest of the world just hast to deal with it.

Unless you were willing to store gold in quantity, there wasn’t much else you could do other than participate in the system, until Bitcoin.

While much of the acceptance of this systems stems from violence, it can be argued many have simply gone along with it because of convenience.

Instead of standing up and demanding better money, politicians have been bought off with dollars and allowed themselves to be unduly influenced.

Low Standards in cRyPtO - Gambling and Ponzi Schemes

With the invention of Bitcoin, an avalanche of alternative coins quickly came out with the intention of competing, and in time, trying to overtake Bitcoin.

These alt-coins continue to be a deceptive trap - enticing newcomers into the space.

Gambling has become the norm, as folks sink thousands into low priced coins pumped on Twitter with the expectation “mooning” will happen. The founders and leaders of these coins revealed their true nature in short order. They are nothing more than charlatans trying to bootstrap their own money printing operation.

Pre-mines, ponzi characteristics, and proof of stake are features of the Federal Reserve and what Bitcoin attempts to end.

Pre-mines, ponzi characteristics, and proof of stake are features alt-coins emulate in their attempt be be a mini-version of the Federal Reserve.

Low standards with money for the last century led to people once again imitating and pushing the same low standards on humanity.

A Higher Standard with Bitcoin - Do the Work!

With the discovery of Bitcoin, the tide has finally turned.

Unfortunately, the oil tanker that is the dollar system has a lot of momentum behind it, so it’ll take another decade or two to fully turn this ship around and get everyone moving back toward higher standards when it comes to their money.

But why should I become a Bitcoiner? Seems like a lot of work…

Indeed. Work is required.

But here’s a little secret - work is good!

Society has devolved to such a low standard that many decry work! In fact, whole communities have sprung up talking down work, hating work, and even demanding that the governments send out regular checks to citizens who don’t want to work!

Propaganda like this has permeated the brains of millions, and it can be traced back to low standards being accepted by society with the idea that money can be printed at no cost and handed out without burdening anyone!

Is it any surprise then that standards have dropped to rock-bottom levels?

Bitcoin solves this!

This newly emerging monetary system reward anyone and everyone who puts in the work to 1) understand it, 2) buy, store and use it, and 3) build on it new products and services that benefit everyone else who joins the network.

Imagine being someone who understood Bitcoin fully 10 years ago.

Information was nowhere near where it is today, but it was out there. If you studied, stacked, and held Bitcoin, you’d undoubtedly be a dollar millionaire by now.

And while that would be nice, it wouldn’t be the end. You would have freed yourself from the shackles of debt-slavery, while gaining full control of your time to enjoy and build a life to your own liking.

We are in exactly the same position today!

Do the work. Learn about Bitcoin. Stack some away from the banking system.

After that, explore your interests that surround Bitcoin. There will literally be thousands of opportunities that spring from this new monetary network, and the old ways of thinking will be tossed into the gutter forever.

Anyone who fully puts in the work with Bitcoin will be handsomely rewarded in a decade! Get onboard now and start your journey!