Why Buy Bitcoin in Your 20s? So You Can Do What You Want in Your 40s and 50s!

An amazing opportunity awaits the younger generation, right now!

Why Buy Bitcoin in Your 20s? So You Can Do What You Want in Your 40s and 50s!

The younger generation has been screwed by the older one.

Its just a fact. Trillions have been printed by the authorities, all to enrich their generation. Natural things like recessions and price discovery have been sacrificed by those who think they can PLAY GOD and delay any economic pain by simply printing money.

Because of this, Bitcoin was discovered - leveling the playing field for honest minds and hearts.

If you’re of the younger generation, take heart! This is your moment.

“Show Me The Incentive and I’ll Show You the Outcome”

Charlie Munger’s famous quote could not be more appropriate than today.

Fiat money incentives have ruined our money. Politicians and Central Bankers simply print cash to fund anything and everything their heart desires. Without anyone to hold them accountable, there is no incentive to do the right thing.

So today we see nation-states running up massive debts, and central bank balance sheets exploding as well.

In the end, it means the currency must become the release valve. Printed money causes inflation, which reduces the “real value” of dollars that will have to be repaid by indebted governments.

It’s the only way out, so expect it to continue for at least a decade, no matter what your friendly government might tell you publicly!

New Financial Incentives Mean Things Will Finally Change…

Enter Bitcoin.

Created to fight this problem at a grass roots level, Bitcoin is fixed supply, hard money. Its issuance is known, and actual computational work must be done to produce more of it.

This incentives people to exchange some of their fiat money for Bitcoin, and hold it for long periods of time.

Thus, it is perfect for people in their 20s.


Because if you begin stacking Bitcoin now, you can wait out all this nonsense surrounding the legacy financial system.

As dollars continue to flow into Bitcoin over the next two decades, its value will continue to increase when measured in “purchasing power” which is the only thing that matters in the long run.

You Must Start Stacking Bitcoin - Today!

Younger folks today generally don’t hold a bunch of assets, thus Bitcoin is the solution to build and preserve wealth.

You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin through any number of exchanges or services, then move them off of the exchange into your own hardware wallet for safekeeping - completely outside of any third-party interference.

A person who faithfully stacks 10% of their pay into Bitcoin over the next ten years, without letup will be just fine as the world transfers from an archaic fiat system to a digital monetary network, backed by the hardest money ever invented - Bitcoin!