Why Bitcoin Savers Must Keep Learning to Maintain their Edge

“If you keep learning all the time you have a huge advantage”. - Charlie Munger

Why Bitcoin Savers Must Keep Learning to Maintain their Edge

Do you want to make it big?

Not just your “I have a nice life” kind of existence…

One where you absolutely dominate, and have freedom beyond your wildest dreams? Then you’re going to have to learn, learn more, and finally - keep on learning.

As Charlie Munger stated - If you keep learning all the time you’re going to have a monstrous advantage over the competition.

Bitcoin Saving is Different Than Bitcoin Trading

The first thing to learn about Bitcoin is that it isn’t a trade.

We’re dealing with magic internet money, something that will revolutionize the world beyond any of our wildest dreams…and yet people want to act like they’re trading Gamestop options.

Never, and I mean ever, treat your Bitcoin like that!

Saving means just that, storing digital money.

You are taking the energy from your work right now, and freezing it fashion that cannot be confiscated by ANYONE. Take a moment to think about it, mind-bending doesn’t even to begin to describe it properly!

Don’t treat your Bitcoin like a red-headed stepchild! Your Bitcoin is your precious newborn - one you swaddle, protect, feed and let grow with love over several decades.

Learning (and Time) is the Key to Overcoming Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty

How much time have you put into being a good parent to your Bitcoin?

We all come in with enthusiasm, diving in and learning the basics quickly. But think about a brain surgeon, how much time does he invest in learning his craft?

Thousands and thousands of hours of study, practice, and finally execution of his profession.


Because you can’t learn it all from books. You have to be battle-tested, go through a few wars, and emerge victorious.

Same with Bitcoin. You might have the basics down, but then a big bear market hits. You panic, sell off your coins and listen to the media types declaring that Bitcoin is once again dead.

Back to square one.

Much of this can be avoided with proper study and meditation.

Once you know what Bitcoin is really about, (the monetary revolution) then you can develop the mindset required to hold your coins through thick and thin.

Do the work now to avoid being shaken out later.

Your Edge - Information Asymmetry is a Real-Life Cheat Code

Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett got rich because of their edge.

They studied more companies, evaluated them from every possible angle, then put significant skin in the game. Their advantage, in a word, was information.

Today the world is awash in information, but most of it is not valuable, and is propaganda. Agendas are being set by those in power to carefully control your behaviors, thoughts and beliefs. Carefully auditing your intake is critical to build and maintain your edge against everyone else.

If you were to accept the mainstream belief about Bitcoin right now, you’d conclude its a ponzi, as that is the theme set forth by most in the traditional system.

But if you’ve carefully studied Bitcoin, then you’ve put in thousands of hours doing the following:

Learning, listening, evaluating, criticizing, examining, critiquing, analyzing, surveying and plain old studying Bitcoin…

Once you’ve done this, you have a massive advantage:

Information Asymmetry

Just like a seasoned old vet who’s studied the battlefield, and the enemy for weeks on end, you know what is going to happen.

Once you realize that stocks don’t matter, bonds don’t matter, gold doesn’t matter, silver doesn’t matter, and of course fiat really doesn’t matter, you are on the way…

On the way to CAPITALIZING on your knowledge about Bitcoin and how it transforms everything it touches