Why Bitcoin Means Freedom, and Why That Means the End of the Road For Gold

Gold had a good run as a symbol of freedom, but its over.

Why Bitcoin Means Freedom, and Why That Means the End of the Road For Gold

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So true.

But nobody ever really wanted to carry a box full of gold around. It is bulky and you might lose it. Or someone could stick a gun in your face and take it.

Its the representation of what Gold meant - wealth, and thus freedom.

Why the Desire For Freedom is So Strong

At the root of each human is an extremely strong desire to be free.

Freedom means the ability do what we want, when we want, however many times we want. Nothing less. But to be truly free, we need to be financially free.

Thus for thousands of years, this has been how things work:


But that’s over now.

How Gold Dropped the Ball - Now Bitcoin is On the Clock

Over the last century or so, a massive shift happened in banking and government.

Central banks were created to “stabilize markets” and gold became centralized. The United States led the charge, banning the private possession of gold for more than 40 years via the Gold Reserve Act. As a few generations grew up without gold in their life, fiat usage expanded and became de facto “money”.

Added to this centralization was “paper gold”. Futures markets where the dollar price could be suppressed by those with deep pockets.

Today if you spend even 2 minutes on Twitter with Gold Bugs they’ll whine, moan and complain about these suppression and manipulation schemes. Obviously if gold were anywhere near as robust as these folks claim, it would not be controlled like it is.

Enter Bitcoin, the next step in monetary evolution - a private money that cannot be controlled by the state.

Because Bitcoin is Not Physical - Its Harder to Control

Bitcoin is impossible to control.

Do you not think that the State, with all of its power and resources would not have done something to control Bitcoin, like gold, by now?

In fact they have tried. The China ban, the US adding a futures market. Taxing the sale of it to fill government coffers. They’ll keep trying. They’ll keep failing.

These attempts to try to control Bitcoin will be futile.

But its just too slippery and too empowering. Why?


Not that it is recommended you do so, but the point still stands.

In the end, it means the torch has been passed. You had a good run, gold. But now its over. Bitcoin is freedom money.

The upgrade happened in 2009, now its only a waiting game.