Why Bitcoin Is Your Lifeboat Protecting You From the Insanity of Government

Might be a good idea to get some...

Why Bitcoin Is Your Lifeboat Protecting You From the Insanity of Government

Today’s epic take comes from none other than the Chief Financial Officer of the United States - Janet Yellen

As we all know, the government is bumping its head against its imaginary “debt ceiling”, which means its time to borrow more cash!

Source: https://twitter.com/SecYellen/status/1655734247632560128

The Only Option For Massive Debt is….More Debt???

Parsing these words a bit will make your head explode…

Here is a country, eyeballs deep in $31 TRILLION dollars in debt, with another $150 TRILLION in upcoming obligations, stating publicly “the only option” is to….take on more debt!

We are truly living in bizarro world, with bizarro leaders, spending bizarro money…

No mention of cutting expenses, ending ineffective wars on the other side of the earth, or even considering future reductions.

Just a blanket statement: LET US SPEND MORE MONEY WE DON”T HAVE

Tax Paying Citizens - This is Your Final Warning

There really isn’t much else to say at this point, if you want to survive you are going to need hard assets that aren’t a part of this messed up system.

Real estate, gold, and maybe some stocks are going to get plenty of people through. How well they protect you, well that is an unknown, because they are all denominated in dollars.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have those things, get some Bitcoin - NOW!

Start stacking, start saving, start planning, and start realizing that this will get really bad. We just don’t know when it will get bad.

Nation-states around the world are doing everything in their power to get out from under the dollar, they see the writing on the wall.

Statements like this from a powerful leader managing the world’s reserve currency should inspire every taxpaying American to protect themselves at all costs from a government running wild with zero accountability.