Why a 25 Year Old Idiot Will Be Rich and the 55 Year Old PhD Will Be Poor

Being rational about Bitcoin matters...having a degree doesn't

Why a 25 Year Old Idiot Will Be Rich and the 55 Year Old PhD Will Be Poor


The only thing that matters.

A discovery, absolute scarcity - only happens once.

For the first time in human history, a money that is incorruptible, is now available.

There will only be a certain number of currency units for the world to use, and there isn’t a thing any government, monetary authority or credentialed academic can do about it.

They will HAVE TO adapt, and adopt.

The 25 Year Old Idiot

Imagine a 25 year old “idiot”

A pleb, so to speak…

He’s got a high school education, a full time job, and a little family.

Five years ago, he looked into Bitcoin. While he never attended business school, he took a hundred hours of his spare time and learned about it.

Books. Podcasts. Bitcoin Twitter.

He studied the properties of money, what makes it work, and how the money being used in this world was unfair. And he began to think..

So he bought some Bitcoin…and held it.

As things got worse in 2020 he bought more…and held it.

When things got even worse in 2022 with rampant inflation, he bought more.

And held it…

Now he owns half of a Bitcoin. Fifty million Satoshis.

The educated class looks down on this man, thinking he’s a gambler, a degenerate, an investor in a ponzi.

Yet, he’s winning.

He’s doubled his investment in dollar terms, but that’s not what it is really about.

Its about building an protecting his legacy.

And that of his family.

His Satoshis aren’t for sale - it is all about saving for future.

Nope, he is in it to win it.

The 55 Year Old PhD

On the other hand, the educated, successful PhD is also making many financial decisions.

Retirement is on the horizon, and he’s got some real estate equity, a 401k and some cash stashed away in the bank.

He looks forward to retirement, and he expects Social Security to cover many of his expenses (gulp!)

Bitcoin has also come up in this man’s life, but only in passing.

His financial advisor tells him its a scam, its for weirdos, and the government is going to ban it.

So he moves on with life.

One of his nephews tells him to buy some over Thanksgiving dinner. But he remembers what his trusty financial guy said:

“Bitcoin? Its a SCAM, man! Stay away from that, I’ll take care of you!”

So he carries on, carefully contributing to his 401k for several more years. Ignoring Bitcoin as it rises and falls, but kicking himself every time CNBC works itself into a lather at each all-time-high.

Fast forward 20 years…

Rationally Thinking and Acting Means Survival - Blindly Following Means Disaster

The year is 2043…

Bitcoin is priced at $25,000,000 in dollar terms, and discussion continues in Washington on how to control Bitcoin - or at least prop up the degraded dollar.

Our 25 year old idiot pleb is now 45 and comfortably retired. His first grandchild is on the way.

He still lives a fairly simple life, now in El Salvador…just a few hundred meters from the beach where he enjoys the surf in the morning and the sunsets each evening.

His Bitcoin is accepted everywhere with a smile, and he thinks back to when times were tough.

Living in America in 2023 was hard on the family man. Houses were ridiculously expensive, so much so that he lived with his wife and kids in a two-bedroom apartment for more than a decade.

He could afford nothing more.

But he had his Bitcoin.

And he held his Bitcoin, simply waiting out the transition from easy money to hard.

On the other hand, the now 75-year-old PhD is struggling.

He has moved in with his adult children, his dollar savings depleted by two decades of inflation.

His social security checks still come every month, but they purchase next to nothing.

His real estate maintained some value, but he had to sell it when it became perfectly clear to everyone that the dollar was dead.

The sale was quickly converted into Bitcoin, the lesson finally learned.

While the man was a hard worker, a good citizen, and a good person, he failed in a critical area of life…

He was a follower

Following, and not thinking will be the critical mistake made by billions over the next two decades.

One system depends on people being blind followers, the system of fiat money.

The other depends on rational thinking and wise action, no matter what the crowd around you might be saying.

The Bitcoin system will always value bold, assertive action that looks forward to a better world.

Your credentials no longer matter!

Might be a good idea to get some…