Why 80 IQ Plebs Are Choosing Superior Bitcoin Over Inferior Fiat

Either follow fiat money to its grave or adapt and thrive with Bitcoin

Why 80 IQ Plebs Are Choosing Superior Bitcoin Over Inferior Fiat

Bitcoiners are often accused of having a superiority complex…


My money is better than yours. 

In fact, so much better it is embarrassing that we even have to have this conversation, but here we are…

Here the hell we are!

So let’s get it on…

Ordinary Money and Its Absurdity

Today everyone worships at the Altar of the Almighty Dollar

A currency debased by 80-90% of its value since 1971, depending on the statistics you’re buying.

And yet people are still mesmerized by this fraud of a currency, masquerading as money.

To be fair, its the prettiest horse in the glue factory. But the death sentence has already been issued with the advent of Bitcoin. Now we wait for each currency to meet its end in the slaughterhouse that is the global financial system.

Amazingly, every other currency has been worse than the Dollar over the last five decades, and yet nobody really stops to think about what is going on and what to do about it.

Well that’s not entirely true, people do act in times like these, they just don’t really know why they act in the way they do…

Take for example, residential real estate. 

Since the end of the gold backed Dollar, people have used real estate to store value.

This has worked magnificently for baby boomers, provided they stayed in the market. Those who didn’t buy somewhere along the line, and hold that real estate are now facing tough times as the value of their pension, their 401(k), and their pittance of a social security check barely pay for their basic needs.

A lifetime of saving, done in the wrong financial instrument, can lead to heartbreak.

A person could have saved for fifty years, putting their labor into bank CDs, money market funds, and even have a pension.

Yet be flat broke in their Golden Years in 2023…

Indeed, the Dollar is some shitty money if you’re trying to store value over the last 50 years!

Extraordinary Money and Its Power

On the other hand, Bitcoin is the Anti-Fiat.

Nearly every year Bitcoin goes up in value in comparison to its nearest competitor, the US dollar.

But it is far more spectacular than that…

Bitcoin lets its user send value anywhere in the world without some punk-ass bank getting in the way.

You’re probably familiar with banks. 

These horrid, disgusting institutions constantly nose into your business, rape you on interest rate spreads (and fees), and still manage to get charged with fraud on the daily.

We all deal with them, and as long as the stench of fiat continues to waft over this world most of us will have to continue doing at least a little bit of business with them.

But the end of banks is near, and it can’t come a minute too soon.

Bitcoin ends the abusive practice known as banking, at least for responsible, freedom loving individuals that wish to sever ties with these parasites.

That in and of itself is a tremendous reason to investigate, buy and use Bitcoin today.

But ending banking is just a side benefit, there are more important things each individual must do in these critical years ahead - namely saving in Bitcoin for your self preservation.

A fundamental shift is happening, and your long term survival is on the line. You only need to look at the poor sap who saved in dollars instead of real estate starting in 1971…

The End Game - Fiat Dies and Bitcoin Thrives

That fundamental shift is happening now.

Fiat is dying, and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it. Not banks, not politicians and certainly not head-up-their-ass governments. 

They know it…that’s why they are literally spending trillions right here and right now. 

Once the credit card limit is reached, nobody will care how many guns they have, it will be over!

So what does it mean for you and I?

Provided you’ve already secured your own stack, it is critical to now educate, and to flagellate.

Educate at first, if you’ve been in Bitcoin for a bit your family and friends know it. 

They know you’re the kook who loves magic internet money. The nerd who follows and documents the sins of the Fed. The geek who runs a Bitcoin node to verify all of that magic money is legit.

So make sure they feel comfortable coming to you for advice and guidance. Don’t talk down to them, don’t lecture them, don’t intimidate them…help them!

Most aren’t ready to jump in and swim in the ocean right away. So guide them to a place to buy some Bitcoin safely and securely, help them sock it away once they’ve stacked a few million sats so they don’t get rugged. Confidently answer their questions and concerns.

Once that is done, its time to flagellate.

Yes, flog the hell out of the existing financial system. Enough of the rape and plunder of ordinary folks trying to make a living on the fiat standard. It is indeed time to accelerate the Bitcoin standard for the sake of humanity as a whole!

Do it in you’re own unique way…we all have our own God Given Gifts that we can use.

If you’re a speaker….SPEAK

If you’re a memer…MEME

If you’re a writer…WRITE

If you’re a warrior…FIGHT

And since it all started with stackers…STACK

There’s no wrong way to call out the injustice and sins of the banking and political class. The more noise we make, the more people will take note, and hopefully wake up!