Welcome Bitcoin Plebs

Welcome Bitcoin Plebs

We are all plebs.

No Kings or Queens read this stuff, no Presidents or Prime Ministers. No Senators or Governors, just the ordinary “salt of the earth.”


Jane and John Does, so to speak. People with humility, patience and virtue. United to change how things work, for humanity.

One Satoshi at a time.

The Plebs

Bitcoin was created for us, for the common man and simple woman.

Far too many years have passed with few benefitting from the labor of many.

Sucking wealth from the bottom to the top.

Fiat, fractional reserve banking, and printing are their tools.

But they’ve had their day.

The beginning of the end started less than a generation ago.

The Genesis Block was mined and an unstoppable force for good began the great unwinding. The corruption known as fiat began to walk the plank.

It won’t be easy.

It won’t be fast.

It won’t be obvious.

But it will be simple.

One Satoshi at a time, locked and loaded into iron-fisted hands forged by knowledge that together we will do it better.

People need money. People like money. And people hate when money is stolen from them by those who do not work for it.

Money is freedom.

We have a craving for freedom, just as we crave food and water when hungry and thirsty.

People also love fairness, justice and an equal shot at making it. A system that promotes the opposite of these cravings cannot stand long.

Bitcoin is good money. Far superior to anything forced on you by rulers. Now rules take the place of greedy humans, to the benefit of all who play by said rules.

Plebs United

So now, Plebs now unite around the Bitcoin network. Voluntary opt-in cash that anyone can use. It’s all that matters.

You can live anywhere, be anyone, and do anything.

Being a pleb only requires you use Bitcoin, in any way you see fit. Not a single thing more.

Many will go further, for the cause. They will educate, they will build.

Blood, sweat, tears and all the rest. Books will be written about their adventures.

Some will become fantastically rich. Some will just buy their daily meal with Satoshis, rejecting the unstable, inflating government paper forced upon them for so long.

Plebs growing in number, day in - day out. You only have to exchange inferior money for superior money.

Nothing more than simply understanding that your eyes are not lying to you, and allocating some of the fruits of your labor into Bitcoin.

Then HODL.

The Pleb Journey

Everyone starts somewhere. You don’t attract Bitcoin, it attracts you.

Maybe you’ve been worked over by the government.


It brought you to Bitcoin…

Maybe you’ve been worked over by the banks.


It brought you to Bitcoin…

Maybe you’ve been worked over by inflation.


It brought you to Bitcoin.

Maybe you’ve been worked over by Crypto.


It brought you to Bitcoin.

We all start somewhere, what brought you here matters not in the grand scheme of things.

Just like the day of our birth, we have nothing when we start outside of the love of our parents.

Never despise the day you begin - if you never start you’ll never make it.

You’re never late to Bitcoin.

In fact, you are so early.