Tuning Into the Abundance of Bitcoin - A Tool for the Empowerment of Billions

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”—Wayne Dyer

Tuning Into the Abundance of Bitcoin - A Tool for the Empowerment of Billions

Abundance is a mindset, no two ways about it.

Without having your head screwed on straight, there’s no way you’re going to acquire abundance, or live an abundant lifestyle.

Thus, it is CRITICAL when you get into Bitcoin that you not only work on your stack, you work on your mind. Otherwise you’ll make some really dumb decisions about buying and selling - and these decisions will come at an emotional moment rather than with rational planning.

How can YOU live a life of abundance - with Bitcoin?

Auditing Your Beliefs About Money and Abundance

The first step is to tune into abundance.

How do you feel about money? I mean deep down in your gut. Way down there, not in your head, but in the pit of your stomach.

If you feel dismay, pain, nervousness, or just uneasiness then you know you have some work to do.

A good exercise is to simply separate yourself from the world for an hour or two and lock the door. Get yourself a pen and pad. Start writing down all of your thoughts about money, from your earliest memory.

As kids, some of us are fascinated by money and we take many ideas about it from our parents. If our parents were constantly struggling, maybe fighting about money with each other, we may have some deep-seated stuff down there that subconsciously sabotages our efforts down to this day.

Others have been influenced by religious beliefs growing up.

Personally I was brainwashed into believing there was not much of a need for money, other than providing the basics for yourself and your family.

After a closer examination I tossed these beliefs into the gutter, realizing money was just a tool and that having an abundance of it could be used for good - for me, for my family, and for my community.

Getting it all out on paper won’t solve money issues immediately, but we can at least be aware of our feelings about money and why we are possibly sabotaging our efforts to acquire it, keep it, and grow it as an adult.

If one recognizes they are feeling guilty about money in any shape or form, the classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill will effortlessly drain away a lot of that junk in your head that holds you back.

Another recent book I found insightful was Morgan Housel’s The Psychology of Money which also advocates for patient saving.

Carefully Examining Money, the World, and Inevitable Change

Once you’ve put in a few hours of mental work, the foundation is now in place for an examination of modern money and what is happening around us today.

Most of us recognize the superiority of the dollar over the last century.

Wars have been fought, lives put on the line (and ended) and governments toppled because of their opposition to the dollar.

But today, we stand on the cusp of change - and realizing change is a constant in this universe can put one in a position to generate abundance.

Nothing lasts forever - and that is a good thing!

Anti-Bitcoin takes keep raining down on us from macro analysts and traditional investors. Most of these revolve around the idea that government has a monopoly on the production of money, and they will continue to hold onto this position no matter what happens in this world.

Our first step then is to simply ask: Is this true?

Yes, they have a monopoly on fiat production.

Will this continue? Yes.

But will individuals and other nation-states outside the West continue to accept fiat currency under all circumstances?


The trickle of opposition to fiat currency has become a strongly flowing river in the last few years. People all over the world have ditched the dollar for alternative stores of value.

  • The Russians and Chinese hoard gold at the nation state level
  • El Salvador hoards Bitcoin
  • Americans hoard houses and S&P 500 stocks
  • And people all over hoard Bitcoin in cold-storage away from governments

The fact is, there numerous ways to store value outside of dollars in a bank account.

And it’s only going to continue, until Western governments behave responsibly with money (which is never).

Rationally Deciding to Live and Participate in an Abundant Life

So how does one “tune into abundance” as Wayne Dyer suggested?

There are several ways, and they all fall under the umbrella of increasing abundance universally, not just personally.

We all come into Bitcoin thinking about ourselves, how RICH we might get and Wen Lambo?

But later, as we contemplate carefully what it means, we come to a point where the real goal is improving the world. Lifting it up in our own, unique way that only we can do as a person acting on our principles and goals.

A few ways this can happen:

  1. Mindset Shift: Instead of approaching Bitcoin with a scarcity mindset, where the focus is on “only 21 million coins” one can adopt an abundance mindset. This means recognizing that Bitcoin is for everyone, and the fiat price really doesn't matter. In time, fiat will be footnote in the history books and an accurate measurement of value will be established for all.
  2. Alignment with Opportunities: Tuning into abundance with Bitcoin involves understanding the broader implications of a money that isn’t controlled by the heavy and violent hand of government. A person may choose to seek out opportunities to participate in the Bitcoin community. While simply HODLing is a start, others contribute to its development by building products, coding, meme-ing, writing and empowering individuals with Bitcoin in areas where traditional banking has been virtually nonexistent.
  3. Cultivating Knowledge: To tune into abundance with Bitcoin, individuals can spend time and effort in education - both on their own and with those close to them. This knowledge will then flow forth into rational decision making among all humans. Low time preference thinking is kryptonite against the debt-based fiat system which thrives on people making decisions urgently, often in order to meet their basic needs like food and shelter.
  4. Embracing the Future: Examining Bitcoin's potential as a disruptive force in finance and wealth creation, individuals can align into groups promoting abundance for all rather than fiat hoarding by so-called “elites”. This leads to new ideas like “being your own bank”. Adoption of new ideas will dismantle old-school thinking like blind investment in publicly traded stocks by way of retirement accounts. This in turn leads to a massive wealth transfer to thinkers oriented toward the future.
  5. Abundance Beyond Wealth: Tuning into abundance with Bitcoin goes far beyond “mad gains”. It embraces smaller authority structures, decentralized decision making, and the self-empowering beliefs represented by Bitcoin. It involves recognizing the potential to contribute to a world where financial privilege is completely eliminated. A man from the poorest region of Africa will be able to save and store wealth just as easily as a man born and raised in the United States.

Abundance is already around us in ways we cannot imagine. Bitcoin is merely a tool of empowerment, which will allow billions to share in this abundance.

Will you participate in the transformation?