Three Reasons Why Bitcoiners Should Ignore the Fed, Focus on One Thing, and Get Rich

Its time to stop paying any attention to the man behind the curtain

Three Reasons Why Bitcoiners Should Ignore the Fed, Focus on One Thing, and Get Rich

The Fed is that annoying relative that Bitcoiners just can’t ignore.

Like your Drunk Uncle who always ruins Thanksgiving with his out of control rants, the Fed loves to hear itself talk. And yet Fed heads basically say nothing - why? Because all they do is talk 24/7 about a dying dollar instead of focusing on what matters.

Here are three reasons you can stop listening to anything the Fed says — now!

The Fed is Dying a Slow Death of 1,000 Cuts

The Fed gained power because the United States allowed its citizens the greatest amount of freedom, and individuals working together created the greatest economy the world has seen.

The dollar just happened to be the currency used by that power. Now there is better money - Bitcoin. It of course will take a generation or two before Bitcoin obliterates the dollar, but the writing is on the wall. Bitcoin brought forth the sentence, now the dollar is simply awaiting execution on death row. Save in Bitcoin, spend dollars.

Time is all that stands between the dollar and a proper burial.

The Fed is Outdated

A product of big banking and big business, the Fed is more than 100 years old.

Unlike fine wine, the Fed hasn’t aged well. Its insistence on controlling the price of money - interest rates, instead of allowing market forces to work has been catastrophic on multiple occasions. Add to that overbearing rules and regulations that prevent the technoligical advancement of money and an unsurprising ending has emerged. Its now just an archaic institution controlled by the bankers and politicians who appoint Fed leaders.

Only its magic wand, the printing press, keeps the outdated Fed alive.

The Fed is Always Wrong

Backward facing and data dependent, the Fed always gets it wrong.

This really isn’t its own fault, how could any committee of 10 to 15 people know what is right for the world economy? Central planning fails the people every time, because people have different needs and desires at different times. Described gently in the media as “policy errors”, the Fed never has to face up to accountability in the form of layoffs or bankruptcy.

So why would you pay any attention to the Fed?

Bitcoiners Can Focus on One Thing and Get Rich While Ending the Fed

End the Fed has been a mantra for years now, without a clear solution.

But we finally have Bitcoin. A sly and roundabout way to take back the money.

Focus on this and this alone.

Stack 10% of your net income into Bitcoin for the next 10 years. Every single paycheck, pay yourself first, in Bitcoin. Zero exceptions, always stack Satoshis, save them in cold storage, and enjoy life.

Ignoring the Fed will be the best decision you’ve ever made as you get rich with Bitcoin.