The Thirty Year Bitcoiner - Can You HODL for Three Decades?

Long term thinking leads to long term success

The Thirty Year Bitcoiner - Can You HODL for Three Decades?

How old will you be 30 years from now?

Its a thought experiment you probably haven’t done before. The human mind simply can’t really conceive of what things will look like that far out. We’re generally more concerned about “What’s for Dinner” than our 2053 self…

But you should…start thinking about Bitcoin three decades out.

Thinking Further Out Than Anyone Else Does

Visionaries benefit financially by thinking like this.

Warren Buffett looks far, far out into the future when making his investment decisions. While his Bitcoin takes aren’t going to earn him many friends in this community, how he looks at things is a great way to model your own Bitcoin investment thesis.

Where will Bitcoin be in 30 YEARS?

Will the dollar or any other fiat currency even exist? Who knows? Like looking at your own life 30 years from now, we don’t know exactly how Bitcoin will look — we just know things are going to be so much better.

But thinking further out and not looking for short term gains is going to put you ahead of 99% of the population.

Deciding You Want Success More Than Anything

A 30 year time frame with Bitcoin is basically saying this:

Success is more important to me than anything else

Not short term success, just plain old success.

Do you want it?

Success comes to those who are persistent, patient, and willing to forgo the 3, 5, and even 10 year gains that Bitcoin will be providing in Dollar measured terms.

But the decision comes first, otherwise you may sell back into fiat far too early to reap the benefits of the Bitcoin revolution.

Never Quitting - Recognize This Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Life happens.

Sometimes we have to sell some of our stack to get out of debt, or even survive if we’re unemployed. But the important thing to do is get back up on that horse if we’ve been knocked off the saddle.

Start dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin again if you’ve stopped for some reason.

The race is a long one. The Bitcoin monetization process is going to take a a few more decades. Nobody likes having their money printer taken away, so you certainly can expect a fight from the state, but their eventual loss is now inevetible.

Superior money always wins out, and fiat always returns to its intrinsic value…