The Realization Fiat Lies are the Reason Things Suck so Bad

In time, all come to recognize Bitcoin as a game-changer

The Realization Fiat Lies are the Reason Things Suck so Bad

“Normies” aren’t given enough credit. They are waking up and joining us in the fight - a fight that's just begun.

So-called “elites” have overplayed their hand.

The realization has begun

People have watched the Central Bankers, the elected officials and the media lie through their teeth regarding inflation and money…

…and yet we are to believe them when it comes to Bitcoin?

Do you really think “they” know, and you don’t. That they have your “best interests” at heart.

Get real.

They know.

Its almost over.

Their “system” of debt enslavement, of usury, of ever expanding credit and financial tyranny is on its last legs.

Their excel spreadsheet cannot handle a single more digit.

The Realization is upon us.

Just like Old Yeller, Bitcoin has the shotgun loaded. Their system is about to be taken out back and put down-once and for all.

“Few” understand money.

What it is.

How it works.

And what happens to every fiat currency ever put forth by every authority in mankind’s history.

But realization does not mean safety or security.

One must act.

With wisdom, with discernment, with care, and most importantly with unrelenting decisiveness.

21,000,000,000,000,000 Satoshis are up for auction. A small fraction of those are beyond reach, due to the issuance schedule.

They come up for grabs after most of us are deader than a doornail. The rest are available via exchange for fiat. Or via mining.

Perfectly aligned incentives mean the wise and decisive forge the ne monetary system.

Front Running the Realization

Most still do not realize. They think the “Bitcoin Rush” that started just a few short years ago is already over.

But it has only just begun.

Mass adoption begins today.

If you realize what is going on, you are already ahead of 99% of the world.

There now is only one goal, one focus.

One singular thing to keep your attention and your finances upon.

Stacking Satoshis

Claim your stake.

Get your gold, so to speak.

Realization means responsibility.

You get one chance for your family, your legacy and for humanity.

It’s up to you, and you alone now.