The Illusion of Being Late to Bitcoin - An Impossibility You Must Banish From the Mind

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The Illusion of Being Late to Bitcoin - An Impossibility You Must Banish From the Mind

An X/Twitter post from @ZinedHodl about “being late” to Bitcoin inspired a few thoughts…

Here it is:

After mulling it over a moment or two, it really began to bother me. I would HATE to think that a young person, facing down Clown World right now might think he’s not stacking enough, or even worse quits stacking altogether.

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Here’s why…

Nobody of Importance (Besides Saylor) Has Run the Numbers

99.9% of Normie World has not run the numbers. 

And this includes those who should’ve by now — Billionaires, Millionaires, Hedge Fund Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Economists, Wall St. boys, Financial Advisors — ALL CLUELESS!

They don’t know how this works

They don’t know what absolute scarcity even is, let alone what it means. Only the plebs “get it”.

Bitcoin Maximalists have done math, and know how this movie ends. 

That’s why they don’t do shitcoins, don’t entertain scammers and grifters, don’t trade, don’t Fuck Around — they don’t want to Find Out and be humbled by Bitcoin.

There are only 240,000 sats per person available, and that number goes down every day.

That is just $70 bucks or so right now. Accumulate as much as you can and you will absolutely be a Prince in Bitcoin-Land.

Just buy, HODL and wait.

Why You Are Early, Even if Your Mind Says You’re Late!

Lets forget everything above, just imagine you really were “late” to Bitcoin and what that would mean.

First off, it would mean Bitcoin is on its way to becoming World Money, and everything that entails. 

All transactions, all value, and all monetary communication happening in Bitcoin - soon!

With that knowledge, how would you begin acting?

If we were even half way to this point, you’d immediately reduce all of your fiat savings and increase your Bitcoin savings. 

You would maximize this in each and every way possible, as you already know dollars are going away and Bitcoin is being valued as an everlasting storage asset that you will be able to rely on for the rest of your life.

So you’d be “later” than 50 percent of people, but you’d automatically beat the other 50 percent to the punch by fully allocating to Bitcoin at that particular point in time.

Easy enough…and get this:


But there’s more…an even more rational way to look at “being late to Bitcoin”!

Even if You Were “Late”, You’d Still Show Up!

Ever have a really important event in your life requiring a firm time commitment?

Think important job interview, your prom, or maybe even your wedding!

If, God forbid something really got in your way in the moments leading up to that event, would you just bail? 

Not show up? 

Ghost everyone waiting for you?


You’d swallow your pride, get there as fast as possible, and make amends as best you could.

It would be embarrassing, it would suck, and you’d feel pretty damn bad about the whole thing. 

But you would at least try…

So it is with Bitcoin today.

People are so HUNG UP on the irrelevant fiat price of Bitcoin, they think they’ve “missed it” and its a better idea to go look for other speculative ventures where they can try to get their 1,000x with no work.

Give it up.

Bitcoin IS the important job interview, the prom, your Wedding and every other important thing EVER, all wrapped up in a pretty unconfiscatable Orange Coin.

You’ve got to show up, even if you think you are late and make YOUR BEST EFFORT to stack as much of it for yourself — NOW!