The Government is at War With Boomers, Protect Your Assets With Bitcoin

Diversifying is key when the Tax Man is stealing your money

The Government is at War With Boomers, Protect Your Assets With Bitcoin

The government wants your money…

And who has the money?


A lifetime of saving and investing is at risk, as the tax man is coming for you, and your money.

While he will gladly accept your tax payments, his tool of choice is inflation, because its a stealth tax, one that nobody can really do anything about.

Until now

So its time to sit down, get serious, and make a plan.

How Bitcoin Can Save You From Financial Armageddon

After a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears, Boomers deserve a peaceful retirement.

But the government has a different idea.

The financial system is a house of cards. Anytime some bank teeters on the brink, The Fed comes in printing billions of dollars out of thin air, bailing out the troubled but politically-connected institution.

As George Carlin stated: It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!

So what can you do as a boomer who has a little bit of a nest egg, but its tied up in a mix of cash, stocks, bonds and real estate?


You need to play defense, build a financial fortress that protects you from the attack coming from government and their greedy minions.

To feel financially empowered and confident about the future, you need to embrace the future.

The future is Bitcoin

Now you might be a little hesitant. Private digital money that isn’t issued by the government is a new idea. But that’s exactly why you need to embrace the future and hedge your bets.

In fact, the main selling point with Bitcoin is this fact:

It isn’t issued by the government!

Let’s just admit the truth to each other right now. No matter what your political beliefs might be, the government has messed the bed.

Its a clusterf*ck!

We’re in it deep, and there aren’t any easy solutions, let alone solutions that people in power agree on.

So whatever happens is going to happen, and you must play offense and defense to protect your wealth!

Playing Defense With Bitcoin

Consider just a few benefits of allocating a few dollars into Bitcoin:

  • Shield wealth from inflation and money printing
  • Achieve financial autonomy with a store of value outside of the dollar system
  • Fortify your retirement funds against the possible collapse of stocks and bonds
  • Experience massive returns from your Bitcoin allocation compared to cash
  • Break free from fees charged by financial advisors and brokers in traditional investments

Making an allocation to Bitcoin will provide these benefits, and many more.

Consider this example…

John and Marcy had a net worth of around $1 million dollars at the start of 2019. They’d saved their whole life, and were considering their options as they both turned 60. While most of their wealth was tied up in stocks, bonds and real estate, they looked into Bitcoin and made a small allocation of 2 percent.

Buying slowly and consistently over the next 18 months, they converted $20,000 into about three Bitcoins. Their average purchase price was around $7,000 - and once they finished their buying they simply sat tight.

The results?

This small 2% allocation has now grown in size to about $80,000 in dollar terms.

While inflation has ravaged the nation, John and Marcy have protected their wealth, and will continue to do so simply by having an alternative store of value.

Even if they never have to tap their Bitcoin savings, they can pass it on to their children, insuring an easier life for their heirs when they pass away.

Today, we’re in the same boat.

You too can decide on a sensible allocation into Bitcoin and hedge yourself against the avalanche of money printing that will surely continue this decade.

Don’t Hesitate Another Minute - Get Your House in Order!

The best time to have bought Bitcoin was 10 years ago.

The next best time to buy Bitcoin is today.

This will remain true everyday for the next 50 years as the world wakes up to private, decentralized money that cannot be manipulated by the government, the Fed, or anyone else.

Thousands of boomers have already embraced Bitcoin, allocating a portion of their wealth as a hedge against the rampant mismanagement of the financial system.

Why not join them?

Get on board today and build a brighter future for tomorrow!