Spending 100 Hours Understanding Bitcoin - Ben Franklin's Advice on Investing

Why learning all you can about Bitcoin makes your investment journey easy

Spending 100 Hours Understanding Bitcoin - Ben Franklin's Advice on Investing

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin

Do you know what you really have in Bitcoin? Unless you put in the work, probably not. Many who were very early investors in Bitcoin sold for 2x, 5x even 10x their initial investment, only to see their 100x gain melt away before their very eyes.

That’s why its absolutely critical to understand what you are holding in Bitcoin.

Knowledge is Free - That is Why Most Undervalue It

Humans have a tendency to discount things that are “free”.

Water and air are abundant are free. So is knowledge in the age of the internet. So much so that people have become jaded about so many topics. When you first come across Bitcoin it probably didn’t make much sense - Money that isn’t physical is a new concept for the brain to understand.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the information so much so that you just shut mentally and don’t even take the time to consider the amazing idea that is Bitcoin.

Time is the Investment - Understanding What You are Spending

So with an unlimited amount of knowledge now available to anyone who wants it, what is the real investment?


The great equalizer among humans is the amount of time we have to spend each day. Some will waste it watching viral videos all day long, others will invest their time in educating themselves on topics that will help them in the future. Taking those ideas then putting them into practical application is what drives humanity forward.

Today millions of Bitcoiners have each spent a hundred (or more) hours studying this discovery individually. Then, they together cooperate to push the idea forward into consciousness.

Earning Your “Interest” - You Will Never Sell Too Soon if You Understand

Putting 100 (or more) hours into truly understanding Bitcoin is going to put you ahead of 99.9% percent of the folks walking around today.

Your time is your investment.

Your time spent up front will help you understand why not to sell as Bitcoin blasts past 6 figures, 7 figures and finally eight figures degrading dollar terms over the next few decades.