Seize the Opportunity: Why Bitcoin's Scarcity Is the Ultimate FOMO Trigger

The Bitcoin production cut hits in less than 12 months...

Seize the Opportunity: Why Bitcoin's Scarcity Is the Ultimate FOMO Trigger

If you aren’t afraid, you should be.

Afraid…if you don’t have any Bitcoin!

Recently I talked about securing your bag, making sure you’ve saved 1/10th of a Bitcoin at minimum to protect yourself from the Fed, the gubbermint, and anyone else in on the fiat scam who would steal your money via inflation over the next decade.

The threat is real, and its already happening.

Compare what you pay for things now against what you paid just three years ago.

A simple burger-and-fries at a sit down restaurant runs me $15 bucks now…

Three years ago it was around $10.

That’s inflation for you in a nutshell, you pay more and get the same, or less…


Because as our good friend at the Federal Reserve, Neil Kashkari made it clear:

Fiat is Abundant, Exposing the Man Behind the Curtain

This isn’t really rocket science…

Fed heads will get up in front of the cameras and condescendingly talk down at you.

They want to make you thing they are smarter than you. That the years and years they spent studying macroeconomics mean something, and your opinion means nothing.

One big fat lie that they repeat over and over to the public..

“We’ve got it all under control!”

As if a group of men sitting around a table can properly calculate the proper price and quantity of money necessary for the whole world.

Underlying it all, there’s simply one single tool they have that you don’t…

They own and operate a money printer.

A fancy computer of sorts, I suppose.

One guy pushes a button or two, and out spurts Billions and Billions of dollars.

They spread it out as instructed by Congress, the President, or whoever happens to be in charge at that moment.

An abundance of fiat money, available on demand for those in control of the computer.

Bitcoin is Scarce - Observable Money Production Governed by Rules

In stark contrast to dollars, Bitcoin is produced in public, for all to see.

Anyone can observe Bitcoin being produced through a number of websites, or through software and hardware under your full control - a Bitcoin node.

Don’t trust - verify

This simple statement embodies Bitcoin, there are rules to play the game, and you must play by them if you want to participate.

Currently, around 900 Bitcoins are produced each day.

In less than a year that will be cut to 450 Bitcoins per day.

Four years after that, production will be cut to 225 Bitcoins per day.

Can you feel the FOMO?

It is literally going to penetrate deep into the bones of every human alive…

Front Run the Halvings and Secure Your Bitcoin Bag

All of that calculates to a 75% reduction in the amount of Bitcoin being produced, in just five short years.

In 2028, how many more people are desperately going to want to get their hands on Bitcoin, all the while the scarcity factor is increasing exponentially…

Thomas Edison once said the following:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Today there is a golden Bitcoin opportunity…but you have to do the work.

You can buy 1/10th of a Bitcoin, 10,000,000 Sats, for less than $3,000 dollars

A pittance, nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Yes times are tough with the government intentionally running inflation hot, stealing from citizens left and right with this hidden tax.

DO what you MUST DO

Secure your bag

Get your Bitcoin, before someone else does…