Saving is a Habit - Your Journey to Financial Security Starts with Regular Stacking of Sats

"In the long run, the quality of our lives often depends on the quality of our habits." - James Clear (Atomic Habits)

Saving is a Habit - Your Journey to Financial Security Starts with Regular Stacking of Sats

We all have a bad habit (or three) we’d love to kick to the curb.

Maybe we smoke, maybe we drink a little too much. Maybe we stuff our faces full of too much processed food. The habit of not hitting the gym plagues most of us.

Or we just don’t save any of that paycheck that deposits into our bank account every few weeks.

But none of our habits are going to just “fix themselves”, we have to take action if we want to have a better life based on good habits.

Bad Habits Promoted by Excess Financialization

Our habits are often formed in early life.

While our parents usually have an outsized influence on how we act when we become young adults, the role society plays in our habits cannot be understated. What are we seeing when we look out at the propaganda being pushed at us at every turn?

Instant gratification

Money habits are formed when most everyone in society seems to be doing the same thing.

Society teaches us very bad financial habits.

Need a car? Get a loan

Need a new couch? Get a loan

Need a vacation? Take out a loan

Emergency car repair? Charge that credit card

Want an education? Take a huge loan, with zero clarity about your future income

The debt-based economy thrives off of borrowing and lending. And it is only continuing to grow larger as time ticks by.

Our habits continue to be formed by what is promoted by financial corporations and the incentives offered by governments, like absurdly low interest rates.

A Debt-Based Dollar Economy Leads to Unintended Consequences

All of this leads to a system of DEBT SLAVERY for those who are influenced and become trapped in the spin cycle.

As people rely on debt instead of savings, their freedom slowly erodes.

Instead of working a regular 40-hour work week, they take on a side-hustle to make their payments. If that doesn’t work, they take on a second job. If that doesn’t work they have to get a roommate to help pay the bills. Next they have to move back in with mom and dad, dedicating all of their income toward their debt. Or they may even have to file bankruptcy and start over.

All in all, its a giant hamster wheel and they don’t want you off of it! You become their moneymaker!

Thus, a savings habit must be developed!

Resolve to Save In Bitcoin and Break the Chains of Debt Slavery

Bitcoin is savings technology.

Since 2009, Bitcoin has offered people the ability to save in a private money with a known and fixed supply cap and predetermined issuance schedule.

Can’t say that about the dollar, can you?

So how does the Average Joe go about breaking the chains of debt slavery?

You commit, and then you develop a habit of saving.

The quality of your life is dependent upon developing good habits and shunning bad ones. Realization that you are under control, that you can determine your own destiny and that you can write your own story is a critical step on this journey.

So commit to saving in Bitcoin.

Putting 10% of your pay into Bitcoin for 10 years is a simple habit - one that that will improve the quality of your future life immensely.