Recognizing Reality - The Long, Slow Destruction of Paper Currency

“Recognize reality even when you don't like it – especially when you don't like it.” -Charlie Munger

Recognizing Reality - The Long, Slow Destruction of Paper Currency
Fiat is on fire

We live in a world of denial.

People ignore facts put right in their face about the nature of their government, their politics, and most importantly - their money.

What will it all mean in the end?


And lots of it…

But completely avoidable, if you stay humble and stack sats.

Denying the Facts About Paper Currency

The reality of paper currency is clear as day.

They all fail

Some fail quick, some fail slow. But history proves this fact to be true. What you do with that fact is what matters.

Day by day, each and every one is failing a little bit at a time. Recently, the failures of fiat currency have actually been in the news, a bit surprising considering the media is a direct propaganda arm of government.

But the facts can only be denied for so long, and the message today is loud and clear:

“Everything is under control, inflation is coming down!”


While Jay Powell and Christine Lagarde preside over the last days of fiat, wise men are quietly and carefully stacking the rarest money ever invented.

And waiting…

Time is All That Stands Between the Bitcoin and Fiat Standards

Our minds are not wired to understand massive sea change happening around us.

Who would’ve predicted the internet would completely revolutionize business and social networking to this extent?

Those who cling to “the good old days” or “this is how we’ve always done it” get left behind, and quickly.

Massive retailers like Borders, Blockbuster and Sears destroyed in just a few short years because they failed to adapt.

Technologies like land lines completely obliterated by cell phones.

Fiat currency, soon to be absolutely destroyed by Bitcoin.

In fact, looking back historically for 13 years, it has already happened!

Anyone putting a few thousand dollars into Bitcoin very early now enjoys complete financial security, with their Bitcoin (hopefully) tucked away in cold storage as the revolution continues.

In time, this will be everyone. Banks, while probably still in existence, will have little power - they’ll simply serve their actual purpose.

Nobody will work for paper money.

Nobody will accept paper money for payment. Nobody will accept paper money even if it is GIVEN TO THEM.

It will be worthless.

Bitcoin is Your Head Start in the New York Marathon

If you’re reading this, you have a head start against 99% of humanity.

Yep, its still THAT EARLY.

Bitcoin will take another 20-50 years to fully monetize.

Its like starting at mile 25 of the New York City marathon.

No Ivy Leaguer with a fancy MBA is ever gonna catch up to the humble pleb who stacks week in and week out RIGHT NOW.

So what are you gonna do?

Continue to believe the lies propagated by Paper Money enthusiasts?

Trust that it is all gonna be OK?

Or RECOGNIZE REALITY and act accordingly?