One System Is Pure Fuckery - One Has Fixed Rules Everyone Agrees Upon

Play fiat games, win fiat prizes...

One System Is Pure Fuckery - One Has Fixed Rules Everyone Agrees Upon

Imagine playing Monopoly with a few friends…

One person is nominated Banker, as always. But these friends tell you before the game starts, this banker gets special powers, outside of the rules written in the box.

In this game, the banker gets to give money out, whenever he wants and to whoever he wants. Your friends tell you they’ve played before and usually he gives the money to himself, but occasionally he gives them some extra cash too…

You see, your friends have swallowed the kool-aid that is fiat economics. They whine and complain to you that “a little inflation is necessary”, you know, to make sure things roll along smoothly.

Sound fun? Or does it just sound insane?

That is Clown World we live in, one of the “friends” of the Banker is Paul Krugman, who today endorsed an increase in the targeted inflation rate from 2 to 3%:


Clarity on What Fiat Economists are Endorsing

Lets be extremely clear on what the Pied Piper of Fiat Economics is calling for:


Stealing more money from EACH and EVERY hard working person’s pocket.

Bad enough the government taxes you to no end on your labor, but this arbitrary increase on the arbitrary target of 2% inflation will be an absolute gut-punch to everyone not paying attention.

Inflation steals from EVERYONE and hurts the middle class and the poor the most.

Without a stable currency, people’s thinking continues to move toward the high time preference, which kicks off an ever increasing doom loop. Tolerating higher “official inflation” (we all know unofficial inflation is already far higher) allows government, central bankers, and Wall Street casino operators greater flexibility to spend your money without accountability.

Thank God for Bitcoin

Opting Out of the Fiat Game…Rules Not Rulers

If it isn’t clear to you yet, here’s the simple explanation…

One game is pure fuckery. Government and central banks are in a world of trouble with the debt they’ve run up over the last 50 years on the fiat standard. They are rolling out their soothsayers like Paul Krugman to grease the wheels, insisting that “2% theft doesn’t quite work, we need 3% theft…INDEFINITELY”

You know where this ends up.

3% is just a stopping point along the tracks to whatever number they can get away with.

The other game is Bitcoin.

A fixed supply of money with established rules that can only be changed by consensus.