The Harder You Stack, The Luckier You Will Be

Bitcoin is digital scarcity, might be a good idea to get some

The Harder You Stack, The Luckier You Will Be

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” - Thomas Jefferson

It just seems to work that way doesn’t it? The slackers in life complain about all the bad luck that keeps tracking them down.

Meanwhile, the hard workers in life seem to catch all the breaks and it all goes their way. Its almost as if The Universe knows who will make the most of an opportunity!

Today’s big opportunity is Bitcoin - Are you going to be “lucky’?

Stacking Bitcoin Hard - Your Duty Not Just Your Job

When you take a quick look at the news and see what is happening, you probably get that disgusted feeling in your gut.

Clown world politicians supported by a Central Banking cartel have made an absolute mess of things. Wealth inequality as higher than ever, all due to excessive money printing designed to “smooth things out.”

What a farce.

The only thing the common man can do is buy Bitcoin and wait. In fact, its become almost a sacred duty. If you know what Bitcoin is, what it represents, and what it can do, you better stack every damn Satoshi you can and carefully guard over them.

The slackers now will complain about their “bad luck” later, but if you are here reading this now, no excuses are going to cut it later!

HODLing Hard - Patience Like No One Else

After you stack hard, then what?


Recently I wrote about holding Bitcoin for 30 years. Its a time frame most would scoff at..

“When can I sell my Bitcoin?” is what most would ask when confronted with the idea of a 30-year holding period.

But this isn’t a drill, it’s a monetary revolution.

Do you really thing people are thinking about holding DOGE coin for thirty years?

People aren’t even thinking about holding dollars or a stock for this long, they want the instant gratification.

But those who have the patience will be handsomely rewarded with a massive increase in their purchasing power and generational wealth to boot!

“You Just Got Lucky”

Yep get ready for it, because its gonna be in your ears constantly.

But like Thomas Jefferson, you’ll smile to yourself knowing luck had absolutely nothing to do with it.

We all make our own luck!

Over the next 10 or 20 or 30 years many people will resent you for being an early adopter, for stacking hard and driving an 2005 Honda Civic well past 250,000 miles.

Work hard, stack hard.

“Luck” will undoubtedly come your way.