Governments Want You to Have Fun Staying Poor - Why it Means Bitcoin Cannot Fail

Nothing motivates humans more than lifestyle erosion

Governments Want You to Have Fun Staying Poor - Why it Means Bitcoin Cannot Fail

Central banks and government are on a mission.

It’s simple, but not easy. They want to steal from you. They’ve always been stealing, but now they want to steal MORE.

Because they’ve made such bad decisions in the past, they now must make up for it. And that involves elevated inflation, for an elevated period of time.

It’s a game, of course.

Them against YOU, and taking from YOU for as long as possible is how they get out of this mess.

Have Fun Staying Poor - What it Really Means

Bitcioners are criticized for their give no fucks” attitude when it comes to convincing others they have have the solution.

The evolution of Have Fun Staying Poor from a meme to absolute reality is based in the cold, hard truth of the protocol. Bitcoin is, and whether you decide to participate is up to you and nobody else.

We are at the point where Bitcoin’s inflation rate is well under the official inflation numbers for the US dollar. And far below the unofficial rate for the things that matter like having a damn house to sleep under. Next year Bitcoin hardens even further, daily supply reduces by another 50%, and minds get blown yet again.

But billions still slumber along using fiat as their unit of account.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Kings continue stacking day-in-and-out without a care about whether others join them in the crusade for hard money.

You see, HFSP means a single thing — FREEDOM.

Freedom to live your life without worry about what everyone else says, does or thinks about Bitcoin.

Freedom to save, spend, and store value without interference.

Freedom to live and let live, even if others decide to use fiat and hurt themselves in the process.

And the freedom to know, that no matter what, people will begin to act in their own interest once the pain becomes great enough.

How Have Fun Staying Poor Works in Reality

Over the past 14 years, Bitcoiners have made the choice to not remain poor.

They’ve seen fiat in action, studied the levers behind fiat manipulation, and simply opted out from one degree to another.

You and I each made that choice, based on evidence. Oftentimes that evidence has been first hand. We’ve been diluted by fiat currency to such a point where we’ve put our money where our mouth is, and stored value in another form of money — Bitcoin.

This will continue…

Everyday people wake up a little more poor than they did yesterday. And everyday a few hundred or thousand of them start searching for a way to prevent government theft.

They search through their options…

Stocks - Bonds - Gold - Silver - Houses - REITS - cRyPto


And one at a time they exchange fiat for Bitcoin, and get off the HFSP train

You see…humans really HATE being stolen from.

The problem for many is that they just don’t know they are being ripped off. But rampant inflation changes this in a way that governments simply cannot control. In the process of creating inflation, they WAKE PEOPLE UP!

And that is where we are today…

Establishment Desperation and the HFSP Narrative

When the establishment KNOWS their propaganda isn’t working, they have one solution…more propaganda!

Source: Twitter

Above we see the King of Fiat Economics underhandedly berating the public. His claim that “inflation is down” reeks of financial privilege and a total disregard for the lower classes struggling to make ends meet.

Yet, it is entirely predictable.

Krugman’s job is to make you think everything is OK. That the government and Central Bank knows what it is doing, and that you need to keep on trusting them.

Yet his argument holds no water when examined closely. Inflation is still running well above the Fed’s 2% target, it is only “lower” when compared to the 7% rate it was running at just a year ago.

Thus, we Bitcoin…

Deep down, Paul is not dumb. He is captured. He is owned by interests far bigger and more influential than you or I…thus he must toe the line.

As a fiat economist he must encourage the public to Have Fun Staying Poor!

He must promote the idea that the continued erosion of the middle and lower class lifestyle is not only acceptable, it is necessary!

Even if it is a big, fat lie…

Fortunately, technology and human action advances no matter the opposition.

Hundreds of millions are already in the lifeboat.

Billions more will jump in before the decade ends…and then fiat dies forever.