Gen Z High School Graduates - Jump on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom with Bitcoin

Buy your Bitcoin insurance policy now, and be protected later...

Gen Z High School Graduates - Jump on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom with Bitcoin

The Flatirons of Boulder Colorado served as beautiful background, as I strolled into the graduation ceremony.

A typical affair - proud parents, tearful graduates, a million pictures taken in an afternoon…my amazing niece one among hundreds.

It offered a refreshing perspective.

On life, on family and friends, and on where this country is going.

So much has changed in the 30 years since I made that walk, so many changes on tap in the next 30 years.

Opportunities abound for each generation - we all miss on some big opportunities of course.

What I have learned is that when you see something shaping the world, it’s time to sit up straight, pay attention, and most importantly take action.

The monetary revolution on tap for Gen Z will be like no other…

A Scary Statistic for Every Gen Z Graduate

I felt for my niece, her portion of the US Federal Debt comes in at…

$94,000!!! (Source)

Yep, just by becoming a taxpaying citizen of the United States, she’s technically on the hook for just under $100K.

Now nobody is about to come-a-knocking on the door for that cash…

But it certainly means life will not be lived on her terms, in freedom. Instead there will be a large elephant in the room as she goes forth into the world.

So it is time to prepare now in order to thrive later.

What to Do About Your Obnoxious Partner in Life

Your partner (the government) is not going to simply disappear. They will tax you for every red cent they can, and they have another way to make your life miserable.

Inflation, and lots of it.

See…if they continually pump extra money into the economy they can reduce what they have to pay back.

It’s called “Inflating the debt away”

What nation-states always do once they’ve spent too much, and can’t tax you to pay for it.

But fortunately, there’s a way out.

You have to act, you must save. But not in dollars.

You must save in Bitcoin.

Gen Z’s Lifeboat - Making a Plan to Save Yourself with Private Money

A good goal for every high school graduate in 2023 (and beyond) is to save 10,000,000 Satoshis.

This equals 1/10th of a full Bitcoin.

Since each Bitcoin is divisible down to 100,000,000 pieces - its super simple to buy fractions until they add up to your goal.

Private money, a store-of-value outside of the money issued by the Feds, is your lifeboat as the Titanic sinks slowly.

Abundance will come to every Gen Z’er who follows this simple plan:

  • Start buying Bitcoin, study it online, learn the basics (free course)
  • Learn about money, what it is and isn’t (free podcast)
  • Keep buying until you accumulate 1/10th of a Bitcoin (currently about $2,700, your actual dollar investment will depend on how quickly you accumulate)
  • Never sell your Bitcoin until it’s accepted everywhere. Then you can spend it, not sell it back into dollars.

Then enjoy financial freedom for the rest of your life…

Financial freedom? That’s Crazy!

It’s actually just math.

Acquiring 10,000,000 Satoshis over the next year or two will mean freedom in two or three decades because of the following:

  • Bitcoin’s fixed supply - only 21 million will ever exist
  • Your share - 1/10th of a Bitcoin gives you 40x more than an even distribution among everyone
  • Bitcoin’s attributes as money - it cannot be inflated by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Only by a consensus of those involved in Bitcoin, can changes be made.

Thus, Bitcoin is the ultimate insurance policy for Gen Z.

Insurance against that large elephant in the room that will step on you for the next 60 years of your life.

It’s extremely simple.

Take some of that graduation money flowing your way and start your Bitcoin savings account.

Believe me, your future self will thank you for your wisdom and foresight.