Overturning the Tables of Debt Slavery - Bitcoin Saving for Financial Empowerment

“The rich rule over the poor, And the borrower is slave to the lender.” --Proverbs 22:7

Overturning the Tables of Debt Slavery - Bitcoin Saving for Financial Empowerment

Tired yet?

I know I am…

Like many, I’ve been in and out of debt for most of the last 30 years, ever since I got that first credit card at the age of 19.

What I’ve learned? Exactly what is stated above, the borrower is a slave to the lender.

It’s merely how “the system” works…

Of course it’s been intentionally designed that way.

Designed by men who would profit off of your labor.

Easy money for the borrower, it’s tempting of course. When things get tight, we all simply reach out for that credit card, that line of credit, that personal loan.

But the tide is finally turning!

The Problem - An Economy Based on Debt and Credit

The debt based financial system came about because the world needed it.

Yes, that’s a fact. If you doubt me, take a few hours and read The Fiat Standard by Saifedean. While it’s been a few years since I devoured that masterpiece, the facts remain. Gold wasn’t doing the job for a world that was absolutely demanding a currency that could expand - in a limitless manner.

Enter the quasi-gold standard, and finally the full-on fiat world we’ve lived in since 1971.

Of course it’s been a roller coaster, it can be no other way when the world’s reserve currency can be manipulated by a few keystrokes. But it’s done the trick, lifting millions into the middle class, and promoting trade around the world. It has also enriched those who are at the top - those who are lenders, but don’t really produce much of anything else.

While billions slaved away to try to make their way, creditors at the top kicked back, sipped margaritas, and enjoyed the benefits that come from being the first recipients of those freshly printed dollar bills. In the end, the debt and excess will be judged as a mixed bag historically - as the world finally decides that there is a better way

Finally, equal opportunity when it comes to money is here.

And that means OPPORTUNITY for those who are alert and awake.

Enter the Revolutionary “Saver”

Bitcoin stackers are a different sort.

You’ve got to be curious first - then you’ve got to take action. But your actions aren’t usually rewarded immediately.

You must have patience.

You aren’t a trader, looking to make a quick fiat buck. Bitcoiners are a mix of revolutionary, historian, entrepreneur, and justice advocate.

So they save — in Bitcoin.

You realize there isn’t going to be a sudden reversal of the fiat standard. A day when everyone wakes up and says it’s time to reform the system.

Because you know…that a corrupt and overbearing system has to be dismantled one brick at a time.

And thus it will be.

In Bitcoin the most patient, the most disciplined, and the most committed come out ahead.

One person at a time, buying bitcoin and holding it.

As more join, the value of the network increased, and the purchasing power of the coins increase incrementally.'

Overturning the Debt Based System Forever

The parallel system is being built.

The foundation is done, and now we go about layering on top of hard money. Those who’ve secured their bag already are in the best possible position.

But there’s room for many more to hop on board. Room for billions and billions on the Bitcoin train.

Because bitcoin is fair, it doesn’t really matter when you jump on. There will be extremely wealthy people in 2040 who go all in on Bitcoin in 2030. It’s just the nature of deflationary money. Once you commit and adopt, Bitcoin will take care of you as long as you aren’t trying to play silly fiat games with it.

Thus, the revolution is inevitable.

Billions will change their behavior from debtors to savers. As they do, they break the chains of slavery so pervasive in the fiat system.

Hard money always wins in the end, it’s just a matter of time. While our minds are impatient, we want it NOW, realizing all you have to do it buy, HODL, and wait makes the time pass quickly.

The future looks amazing with Orange colored glasses!