Bitcoin is Your Unfair Advantage - Taking Massive Action in Your Life

Education plus action = Your cheat code to the monetary revolution

Bitcoin is Your Unfair Advantage - Taking Massive Action in Your Life

Does anything ever come along that just seems too good to be true?

You evaluate it from all sides. Carefully review every single bit of information that you can, and ask all the right questions. After all is said and done, you simply begin to understand that you have and unfair advantage over other people.

Grant Cardone spells out exactly what you MUST DO in his best selling book “The 10X Rule” when you come across an unfair advantage that you see, while the rest of the world is still asleep.

You put the pedal to the metal.

That’s where we are with Bitcoin.

Unfair Advantages Don’t Come Along Often

Its not everyday an unfair advantage smacks you right in the damn face.

Especially cheat codes that the little guy can use while the rich are bogged down in legacy thinking.

Bitcoin is special in that it is the little guy, the independent investor, the unrestricted capitalist that has the first mover advantage. Big companies have to move slowly, fight through red tape, and endlessly evaluate situations like Bitcoin.

You can see this when it comes to corporate adoption. Only one publicly traded company has gone all in on the upcoming Bitcoin Standard, while the rest continue to play in the dollar sandbox.

Are you crushing it with this hidden unfair advantage?

Information+Action - Putting Your Unfair Advantage in Motion

You have all the information you could ever need about Bitcoin.

The best and the brightest have given their time and done the work - explaining exactly why Bitcoin is the difference maker in financial markets.

What will you now do with that information?

Grant Cardone continues to explain in his book - explaining that the next step is to take massive action when you have an unfair advantage.

Whatever action you think you should take, you simply multiply it by 10, and you are on your way.

Imagine taking whatever you may be doing to support the Bitcoin Network, and multiplying it by a factor of 10!

Whether its HODLing, building, writing, coding, all of it in support of Bitcoin will be handsomely rewarded.

Unfair advantage + massive action = Unbelievable winning.

Don’t Let Up - Winners Ride Their Unfair Advantage to Victory

Today we stand on the cusp of a monetary system that benefits all instead of a few.

The system itself is backed by unbreakable rules, math, and code - all of which combine in a trustless system. What would a winner do with this sort of knowledge?

Never, ever let up.

You know how this is going to go. Along the way every sort of distraction and lie will be thrown in front of you in an attempt to throw you off the path. To get you to sell out. To lock you back into the system that promises prosperity but fails to deliver.

A winner ignores the lies, and rides his unfair advantage to victory.