Bitcoin is the Risk Free Asset For Educated Plebs

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" - Warren Buffett

Bitcoin is the Risk Free Asset For Educated Plebs

Step of curb, you might get hit by a bus.

RISK is everywhere.

Yet people today insist on living life in fear, never trying new things, always looking for the easy way, and worst of all - trusting everyone else’s opinion.

Take Bitcoin.

“Too risky! Too volatile! Might get hacked, bro!”

You’ve heard it before - from the media, and (sadly) from your family and friends.

Yet the track record proves otherwise, anyone carefully investing a portion of their paper money earnings over any significant period of time into Bitcoin has increased their purchasing power…


So is Bitcoin really that risky? Or is it paper money issued by the government that is the real danger?

Why Fiat Money is Risky

These days, people vote themselves money via their elected representatives…

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” - Benjamin Franklin

They never stop to think where the money comes from, just gimme that money.

Thus, debt levels around the world have ballooned to a point where something will give.

And what will give, over a period of time, is the paper money system itself.

People, (collectively) do not know what they are doing, as Warren Buffet so eloquently stated. Rules are constantly broken to bail-out those who get in trouble, and the can gets kicked down the road. Politicians get re-elected to continue messing the bed in incomprehensible ways.

Thus massive risk to the entire system ensues.

Because paper money is built on one thing, trust.

No trust = No money!

At least money issued by the government…

Thus, risk will continue to increase as trust erodes.

And opportunity presents itself to those paying attention.

Why Bitcoin is Risk Free…Provided You Understand

In the end, everything is money in one form or another.

Cars, houses, silver, gold, commodities, stocks, bonds, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and every other good on earth is something somebody else wants.

But they all have their downside. You must find someone else to exchange either 1) another good or service for your good or 2) accept some trusted form of money that you think can be used at your convenience at a later point in time for what you want.

The vast majority does not know yet that one form of money surpasses all others in its ability…Bitcoin. It will transform capitalism and spread prosperity to all four corners of the earth for a very simple reason - it allows people to transmit and communicate value anywhere, anytime and in any quantity…without any intermediaries.

Thus, those who recognize the opportunity can plan accordingly.

But you must know what you are doing, to avoid risk.

How do you do this?


Study Bitcoin until you really understand it, inside and out, up and down, back and front.

Proof of work will set you free, forever.

10 hours to get your feet wet, 100 hours ‘til you’re waist deep, and 1,000 hours to swim confidently in the ocean while the waves crash around you furiously.

And if you want to go all in, the Michael Phelps method will require you put in 10,000 hours.

Not necessary for everyone, but if its your calling then you cannot resist.

When you truly understand Bitcoin, risk is eliminated, COMPLETELY.

And you are on the way…