Why Bitcoin is an Investment, Not a Speculation - Maximizing Your Buying Power

Why you should never speculate in Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin is an Investment, Not a Speculation - Maximizing Your Buying Power

The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator. -Ben Graham

Are you a Bitcoin Investor, or a Bitcoin Speculator? There is a difference, as if you are acting in one way, Dollar gains are your goal. If you are acting in another, an increase in your purchasing power for the long term is the destination.

In the end, it boils down to education, truly understanding Bitcoin should be the goal for the investor.

What Defines a Bitcoin Speculator - Everyone’s First Step

Speculating is why we all look into Bitcoin.

Buy something with dollars. Sell it later for more dollars. Profit.

But there’s something wrong here.

Bitcoin is different.

The reason Bitcoin is different is in the invention and the idea.

Digital money that can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time without a trusted third party is a game changer.

Some folks might actually consider that a discovery.

Defining a Bitcoin Investor - Moving Beyond Fiat Gains

At a certain point along the trail, the Orange Pill really takes effect.

The realization hits as your Bitcoin knowledge expands. It goes something like this:

“I think I might have something really, really valuable here. Something that people might fight, scratch, and claw over in the future!”

One you know, you know.

You cannot un-see everything going on around you, the corruption of the current monetary system, and the solution to it all.

You’ve been Orange Pilled.

Maximizing Gains - Speculation Ends and Hoarding Begins

Once a Bitcoiner realizes exactly what he has, the mindset completely changes.

He KNOWS what is going to happen, he isn’t just guessing or hoping.

He KNOWS how this movie ends, whether it be in a decade, or two or three.

HE KNOWS people over time will select a superior money over an inferior one.

Thus he concludes the only rational thing to do is to not speculate on the short term movements of Bitcoin based on quicksand-like dollar terms.

And he thus hoards Bitcoin, makes it his unit of account, and peacefully awaits the rest of the world to come to the same conclusion.