Wen Lambo? The Bitcoin Investing Advice NOBODY Wants to Follow

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison

Wen Lambo? The Bitcoin Investing Advice NOBODY Wants to Follow

“Wen Lambo?”

The question from “crypto bois” since the discovery of Bitcoin continues even after the wreckage of 2022. But Natural Law is always going to exclude the majority of these types, there simply aren’t going to be a ton of people who get rich off of scams, frauds and tricks.

Thus, Bitcoin.

For those who aren’t looking to upgrade to a Lambo, but simply want freedom money...here’s how to go about it.

Education is Your First and Most Critical Step

Learning Bitcoin is one thing, knowing Bitcoin is another.

The cold hard fact is that you are going to have to put in massive work when it comes to educating yourself by reading and watching Bitcoin content. Addition education come into play when you learn to take possession of your Bitcoin personally, and literally become your own bank. Those who educate themselves early are in a much better position to transfer and grow their wealth exponentially as the transition unfolds.

At least 100 hours minimum is recommended. Put in a good 1,000 hours and your hands will be unshakable. Put in 10,000 if your looking to become a Bitcoin God.

”Where do I start?”

Bitcoiners need to read and meditate on the stuff from Saifedean, Parker Lewis, Vijay Boyapati.

After that pick another 10 of your favorite Bitcoin-only authors and read every damn thing they’ve written as well.

Only by having a solid foundation in your Bitcoin knowledge will you be able to withstand the avalanche of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that continues to rain down on Orange Coin from the legacy media and their handlers in the government.

Lay the foundation, then start building.

Next Comes Discipline and Hard Work

Once you’ve grown your Bitcoin Brain, its time to get down to work.

Bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be work involved.

Proof of work is on display with the size of your Bitcoin stack. If you have no Bitcoin currently, you haven’t done any work. Just like a nicely toned body takes time and commitment, so it is with the scarcest money ever created.

Like the quote from Thomas Edison above, many are seeking shortcuts in Bitcoin.

Leverage. Mining stocks. Trading.


Do any of those things feel like “work”?

No, you are gambling

Work means a job (mining fiat) and putting 10% of your net pay into Bitcoin, for 10 years.

Work means owning a small business and putting 10% of your net pay into Bitcoin, for 10 years.

Work means a side hustle above and beyond your job and putting 10% of your net pay into Bitcoin, for 10 years.


Saving 10% of every fiat dollar you earn in Bitcoin for 10 years will pretty much guarantee prosperity under the Bitcoin Standard.

Yes it sucks to mine fiat (work) but you MUST DO what others WILL NOT DO do to secure your stack!

Finally, Epic Levels of Patience Earn You Pleb Status

Once you have your plan in motion, it gets tempting to deviate.

To skip this weeks stack. To try to time the market. To borrow fiat to buy more Bitcoin.

Just don’t

Go to Vegas, buy a lottery ticket or two, throw a little fiat money down on your favorite team, but don’t get cute with your Bitcoin.

Remember, patience is “work” too.

Doing nothing while you let the Bitcoin network do the heavy lifting.

“Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. I found it one of the hardest things to learn. But it is only after a stock operator has firmly grasped this that he can make big money.” - Jesse Livermore

Be the uncommon man

Sit Tight

Be Right