Be Greedy in Bitcoin When Others Are Fearful - Warren Buffett Mindset

Our goal is more modest: we simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful — Warren Buffett

Be Greedy in Bitcoin When Others Are Fearful - Warren Buffett Mindset

In his 1986 letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett advised to be greedy when others are fearful.

Fear continues to rip through the markets - worries about the Fed tightening too much, a recession, bank failures, and interest rate inversions have macro boys on high alert!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to rise in dollar terms, to produce blocks every ten minutes, and hold value for those participating in the network.

Ignore the noise from the financial media.

Instead be greedy when it comes to Bitcoin.

Nearly Everyone Out There is Still Fearful About Bitcoin

How many hardcore Bitcoiners do you know in real life?

Unless you’ve been to a meetup or are actually working in the Bitcoin industry, there aren’t many of us out there.

And if you do bring up Bitcoin to someone who hasn’t bought any, what is their reaction? Generally they completely dismiss it with one of the FUD talking points.

Yes, fear is still a massive thing when it comes to Bitcoin:

-It’s volatile!

-It’ll get hacked!

-The government will ban it!

-I will lose it!

Fear is still the greatest factor newcomers have to work through, as nobody wants to lose money!

Fear Is the Mind Killer -Bitcoin is the Mind Stiller

So what can you do about any fear you may have about Bitcoin?

First, you must remove all fears in your own mind. This is done by “putting in the work”, hundreds of hours of self-education about Bitcoin, money, finance, etc. Only then will you be able to confidently explain Bitcoin to others, an get them interested.

For those who haven’t been Orange Pilled, its a bit of the old “you can lead a horse to water” situation.

We have to keep leading people, one by one to Bitcoin, and show by our words and deed that there is no fear once you hold Bitcoin. This is an educational movement, as nobody is really taught us much about money in school.

In fact, the lies told about money outweigh the truths about it. The only way to combat these lies is to slowly walk people toward Bitcoin, offer them a cool sip of monetary sovereignty, and allow them to decide if they want to drink it in.

98% of the time they are going to refuse, and that’s OK. You just keep letting them know the water is there for them. One day they will be thirsty.

Show by YOUR MINDSET and YOUR ACTIONS that Bitcoin is the last thing in the world they need to fear.

Bitcoin is the Mind Stiller, while their fear is the mind killer

People are afraid today to use their mind, to think for themselves, and to step out onto a new branch that isn’t approved by the powers in charge.

But these things are evolving and changing, ever so slowly the propaganda machine is running out of gas, and new, innovative ideas are spreading like wildfire.

Bitcoin scares them, but we all know is once you own Bitcoin in cold storage, a peace descends upon you like no other.

Having a hard money stored outside of the legacy system stills the mind - as your labor cannot be diluted anymore by governments or Central Banks.

How to Be Greedy with Bitcoin

In the meantime, Bitcoin advocates stack and wait.

And get greedy

How do you get greedy with Bitcoin?

You set a stacking goal and allocate dollars toward that goal every time you get paid.

Like clockwork. You never rationalize that the price is too high, or that its too low, and you might be able to buy lower.

You. Just. Stack.

Ten Percent of your pay for ten years, no exceptions and no deviations.

Get greedy with Bitcoin.