11 Steps to Ten Million Satoshis

Secure your Bitcoin bag now, before its too late!

11 Steps to Ten Million Satoshis

Have you secured your bag?

Your Bitcoin bag, that is. You’ve got to do it - the sooner you start, the sooner you can sleep well at night.

Get that bag before you waste another dollar on something stupid like a sports bet, a lottery ticket, or a 12 pack of beer.

Yes, it’s that important

We’re in a war, and it’s the government against YOU.

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you’re about, the guys on top are deep in debt, and they are going to do whatever it takes to make your dollars worth less, so they don’t have to pay it back.

They do this by creating more money, pumping it into the economy, and diluting what we collectively own.

But they can’t do that with Bitcoin — Its literally impossible

So let’s go through the 11 steps to 10 million Sats — 1/10th of a Bitcoin for long term economic prosperity.

1.) Set a Clear Goal - I WILL accumulate 10,000,000 Satoshis

You’ll never know where you’re going until you make THE decision.

Go all in on this one, you’re burning the ships behind you and never looking back.

One-tenth of a Bitcoin is the goal, or 10,000,000 Satoshis

Since Bitcoin is limited in supply, this number was picked randomly to assure that you accumulate more Bitcoin than 97% of the people living today.

You will have 40x the amount of the average human, if Bitcoin were evenly distributed at the get-go to everyone on earth.

Right now, that can be done for around $2,700 bucks.

Dirt cheap.

Secure the bag before you do anything else.

2.) Create a Bitcoin Budget

Don’t have spare cash lying around to go in all at once?

Then you’re going to have to figure out a few sources to accumulate.

Work is good - get that overtime if available.

Stop wasting money on stupid shit like lottery tickets, booze, and tobacco. If you’ve got something valuable that you don’t use - sell it. Start building momentum at the get-go.

Those things will still be there once you secure your bag, and they will be there in abundance — Bitcoin will not.

3.) An Alternative Savings Plan - Cut Your 401K Contribution to Zero For a While

If you have a job, you’re probably throwing money into a 401K, or some other retirement program.

Cut your 401k contribution down to zero until you secure your bag.

Yes, I'm serious - there will be an abundance of stocks and bonds to buy for eternity, but there will only be 21 million Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is savings. It’s just a different form of savings compared to the legacy financial system. So save those Sats now, while the price is low.

You can always restart your boomer saving account back up once you secure your bag.

4.) Study Bitcoin

You aren’t going to understand what this is about until you study what you are getting into. Fortunately education is free, the investment is your time. Study Bitcoin.

Ten hours will make you a novice.

A hundred hours will get you to an intermediate knowledge level.

A thousand hours will get you to an advanced understanding of Bitcoin.

Ten thousand hours will get you to expert level.

Get to a hundred - minimum. If it captures your mind, as it does for many plebs, you’ll progress from there to the level that satisfies.

Studying what you are saving in is an essential step to securing your bag.

5.) Buy Your First Bitcoin

Skin in the game.

Nothing really matters until you put some of your hard-earned money on the line.

Being a participant in the marketplace automatically heightens your awareness of what is going on with Bitcoin compared to other financial tools. Once you see the value of your Bitcoin go up (or down) you are invested.

You don’t have to buy 10,000,000 Sats all at once (current price about $2,700).

You can average in buying over several weeks, months or years. Buying a little to start moves your brain into second gear.

Instead of just learning about Bitcoin, you’re in the game.

Now it matters. You’re filling your bag.

6) Set it and Forget it - Automating the Process

Once you buy in, the monkey mind goes to work..

Should I buy more today? Maybe it’ll dip next week and I can get more for my money! I’m certainly smarter than everyone else, it’s going down soon! I know it all! I’m the greatest investor since Warren Buffett…

Stop, relax, and get out of your own way…

Automate your Bitcoin buying until you accumulate 10,000,000 Satoshis.

Dollar cost averaging is the way to secure your bag with zero stress and zero headaches.

Your bag continues to grow.

7.) Safely Store Your Bitcoin

Never, ever skip this step.

Many feel like it’s a hassle to secure your bag, personally.

They’d rather have a custodian take care of their Bitcoin, then they can just login and add more or sell it when it’s convenient.


Today’s financial system is a mess because of custodians.

They play around with your dollars, your stocks and bonds, and anything else they can get their grubby little hands on via derivatives.

They buy and sell financial instruments all over the world, trying to earn “yield”.

With Bitcoin, you must hold your own keys to control your own Bitcoin.

Learn to do it.

Once you do, you’ll sleep like a baby every night.

Secure your bag, now its yours and yours alone.

8.) Develop Mental Fortitude

How does it feel when your Bitcoin goes up or down?

If you’re overly emotional, you likely haven’t studied enough about Bitcoin.

This is a long term game, and there will be ups and downs. The recommended holding period for your Bitcoin is forever, but you need to at least commit to the game for a decade.

Reading some of the masters like Buffett, Jesse Livermore and Peter Lynch.

Having the mindset of someone who will hold on, and BUY MORE during the downdrafts is invaluable.

You’ll be ahead of 99% of the investing public if you commit to holding your Bitcoin for at least a decade.

Do the mental work to secure your bag.

9.) Network With Bitcoin Plebs

The revolution will not be televised.

While Bitcoin is slowly seeping into the mainstream media, you are certainly not going to find friendly, positive stories about it.

The media is the mouthpiece of government. Do you think the government wants you sheltering your wealth away from their planned inflationary reset?

Don't be silly

While you can take the journey alone, it’s much more fun when you find like-minded individuals along the path.

Social media is one way to do it. Local Bitcoin meetups are even better.

There you’ll find thinkers who share your hatred of fiat money and you can share that hatred over a beer!

Good times for all…as each of you hold your bag for the long haul.

10.) Contribute to the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin has no leaders.

Even Satoshi Nakamoto called it a day more than a decade ago…

So it’s on you, on me, and on everyone else who thinks this is the path to a much better future for our world.

Because Bitcoin is an open-source project, you can contribute any way that you like.

Simply HODLing is how some do it. They decide they will never, ever sell (back into fiat money) what they have accumulated.

They will only use their Bitcoin to buy something when the time comes.

Others decide to contribute in any number of ways:

  • Run a full node
  • Mine Bitcoin
  • Make Bitcoin memes on Twitter
  • Build products and services that use Bitcoin
  • Write articles and educate others
  • Orange Pill family and friends
  • Name drop Bitcoin in your conversations
  • Flog the Fed mercilessly
  • Promote peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading and transactions
  • Accept Bitcoin for payment in their business

There literally are endless possibilities…find one, or fifteen ways to support Bitcoin besides HODLing.

All together to secure everyone’s Bitcoin bag for the long haul.

11.) Win Every Day, and Twice on Sundays

Finally, you need to get used to winning.

Imagine securing a bag back in 2013.

Incomprehensible winning so far, in fact you’d be retired and working on whatever you want in 2023.

How do I know the winning will continue?

Because the folks “in charge” are stuck.

Money printing, inflation, and lying to the public is only going to continue, except it’s going to be at a scale we’ve never seen before. We’re talking Trillions of new dollars.

They have no choice.

So you have no choice.

Secure your Bitcoin bag…NOW